1. Seize the Day

Seina Yamada has the worst luck of anyone on Earth. He is constantly falling over, crashing his bike or having any number of objects fall on top of him. And not only that, but whenever someone is near him, bad things happen to them as well. So, as you can imagine, a simple cycle to his friend Kai’s house is something of an ordeal for both Seina and everyone he meets.

Already running late, Seina decides to speed things up by taking a shortcut, despite the fact that strange things happen to him every time he does so. Nonetheless, today feels different, and certainly, Seina is almost home free…that is, until he gets a flat tyre on his bike.

Stopping at the lake to get some water, Seina realises that he is near Tenchi Masaki’s house, although nobody is home at the moment. Unfortunately for Seina, someone is about to drop in- quite literally. As he fills his bucket with water, a huge spaceship lands right in the lake, knocking our unlucky hero into the water.

Awakening on the porch of Tenchi’s house, Seina finds that he has been saved by a talkative and rather well endowed blonde woman. She suggests that he should think about joining something called the GP, and even gives him a pamphlet about it, as well as a package to deliver to Tenchi. Her job done, the woman gives her name as Amane Caunaq, before disappearing along with her spaceship.

Seina finally makes it to Kai’s, although by this time all that is left of his bike are the basket and handlebars. Whilst Kai begins repairs on the bike, his sister Kiriko is more curious about the lipstick all around Seina’s mouth. Seina realises it must have something to do with Amane rescuing him at the lake, but a jealous Kiriko is sure that Seina has been seeing another woman.

Still, by the end of the afternoon, Kiriko has calmed down, and even gives Seina a cake to take home. After an accident filled journey, which includes a sighting of a flying woman (Ryoko), Seina finally makes it home for dinner with his family.

On seeing the GP pamphlet, Seina’s mother and sister Yoshiko become convinced that it is a competition entry form, and force an unwilling Seina to fill it out. Dinner over, Seina heads upstairs, resolving to explain to Kiriko about Amane and the GP form after school the next day.

However, the next morning Seina awakes far from his own home, with a curly-haired blonde woman who seems to have a fascination for stroking his hair. A man enters and explains that, as Seina has filled in the GP form, he has been accepted into the GP Academy. The man has even recorded a farewell video from Seina’s family- rather than being unhappy at losing him, they are happy to be rid of his terrible luck.

Even so, Seina would still rather go home than be a part of this GP thing, that is, until he learns that GP actually stands for “Galaxy Police”, and that he isn’t even on Earth anymore! Maybe this could be fun after all…