11. Sheer Heart Attack

A recreational boomer has just gone rogue, killed a man, and attacked a police officer- sounds like another job for the Knight Sabers. Unfortunately, Linna has been working overtime at the office, and with her scooter about to break down again, there is no way for her to get to Sylia’s in time. Priss and Nene will have to go out alone.

Arriving there late on her scooter, Linna misses all the action. Nene has just crushed the core of the boomer, and is now playing to the crowd- until Priss tells her it’s time to take off.

At K’s Garage, Priss is once again having her motorcycle repaired, and she isn’t the only one needing repairs- Linna has brought her scooter in. But just why is Nigel using Genom parts to fix Priss’ bike? Surely it’s just because they’re better value for money, as Macky suggests…

Whilst Nigel and Macky fix their vehicles, Linna has some things to talk about with Priss. With all her overtime at work getting in the way, and Nene having improved greatly over the last few battles, Linna feels that she is getting left behind. Priss tells Linna to quit her dead end job- could it be that she actually cares about Linna? Either way, Linna has been asked by her family to go home for a few days, so she’d appreciate it if Priss could tell Sylia she won’t be around for a little while.

At Genom’s space facility, Mason is once again paying lip-service to Chairman Rosenkroitz. Genom’s space umbrella will give them exclusive control of a readily available source of energy that will replace Earth’s dwindling resources. But now they need to build a set of underground conduits to store the energy- the Dragon. Unfortunately, construction on the Dragon has been delayed.

What Rosencroitz doesn’t know is that it is Mason who has been delaying construction of the Dragon; and there is one more thing on his personal agenda that he wants to deal with- the Knight Sabers. What Mason doesn’t know is that one of his subordinates is also an informant of Sylia’s- meaning that Sylia can keep up with all Genom developments.

Having arrived at her home town two hours early, Linna decides against calling for someone to pick her up, and instead takes the bus. Of course, this results in her arriving home late, on the very day that her entire extended family has shown up. After apologising for being late, Linna must endure an evening with all the family- something that’s far worse than any mad boomer.

Later that evening, everyone has finally departed, leaving Linna alone with her parents. Linna is disappointed to discover that their ulterior motive for asking her to come home is another attempt to set her up with a “nice man”, and said man will be coming over tomorrow- that is, unless Linna has found someone special in Tokyo. Linna may not have found someone, but she has found something in the form of the Knight Sabers- but even so, she still has her doubts about making a commitment to it.

After examining the Knight Sabers’ hardsuits, Mason believes that they must have been created by someone who worked with Doctor Stingray. After calling up a list of Dr Stingray’s staff, and eliminating all of those that have been confirmed dead, one name draws his attention- that of Nigel Kirkland. His thoughts on the past, Mason talks to his secretary boomer, revealing a little of his ultimate plan- he is searching for a special boomer created by Dr Stingray. He has always believed that Quincy represents the greatest obstacle and yet also potential ally in this quest, but now, glancing at the picture of Nigel, he is not so sure…

Back at her home, Linna awaits the arrival of her “blind date” Masaki with bad grace. She has only agreed to this meeting to spare her parents any embarrassment, and she absolutely does not want to be pushed any further. But when Masaki arrives, Linna cannot help blushing at the sight of such an attractive and well mannered man.

After lunch, Linna and Masaki go out in the garden for a walk. Neither of them are very happy with their parents for trying to set them up, but as they talk to each other they realise that they do have a lot in common. Masaki has heard that Linna works in Tokyo; he went to college there right after the earthquake, but had to come back to help his father manage his business right after graduation. Linna, on the other hand, went to Tokyo to get away from her family- but now that she has found what she is looking for, she can’t help wondering if it is what she really wants, or if she is going to screw everything up. Masaki counters with another thought- what if Linna’s hesitation results in the very thing she wants not being there anymore?

Back in Tokyo, Nene has just finished a long and boring night shift- or so she thinks. Before she can go home, however, Leon and Daley decide they have one more thing for their “top video expert” to do- analyse anonymously recorded footage of the Knight Sabers. Nene’s reluctance is tempered by being able to watch herself in action- that is, until she realises that this footage is too good to be amateur video. Someone was waiting to film them.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, before Nene can complete the analysis, another emergency comes up. A rogue military boomer has just begun a rampage, and all dispatchers must report to the communications centre. Nene won’t be going home any time soon, and neither will she be able to get out to battle the boomer as one of the Knight Sabers.

Realising she can’t get out, Nene gives Linna a call- Priss never told her that Linna was out of town. But with Linna unable to make it, that means Priss will have to go out alone. And this latest boomer looks like it might well be too much for one person to handle. Does Priss even stand a chance against it?

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