Tenchi in Tokyo

1. Separation Anxiety: There is nothing the girls enjoy more than living at the Masaki house, so they are understandably devastated when they learn that their beloved Tenchi will be moving to Tokyo for the next two years. And even as they try to adjust to this new arrangement, the gang remain blissfully unaware that deep in the darkness, a new and capricious evil is rising.

2. Four’s a Crowd: If Tenchi thought that going to Tokyo would give him some peace and quiet, then he was sadly mistaken, because thanks to Washu’s inter-dimensional tunnel, the girls can come and visit any time. Nonetheless, Tenchi attempts to settle down into his new life, even forming a friendship with classmate Sakuya Kumashiro. Needless to say, Ryoko and Ayeka are not happy to see Tenchi getting so close to another girl, but when Sakuya enlists the help of the Love Knot Goddess to strengthen her relationship with Tenchi, they may not have any choice in the matter.

3. Long Distance Lunacy: Having finally figured out how to block off his end of the dimensional tunnel, Tenchi looks forward to getting some peace and quiet- but the girls see things quite differently. Upset at not being able to drop in on Tenchi whenever they want, Ryoko and Ayeka persuade Washu to set a network of video relays so that they can keep an eye on him! But when a demon reprograms the network to give misleading images, the girls get confused. Could Tenchi really be on top of a cliff with a hippo and a cow? Or, worse yet, could he be off having fun with his ‘true love’?

4. The Eternal Pledge: Desperate to enjoy a day with Tenchi, Ryoko and Ayeka decide to take any measures necessary to force open the dimensional tunnel- causing Tenchi to decide it would be better to spend time out of the apartment. But when he agrees to take a tour of Tokyo with Sakuya, the couple find themselves in an eerie mansion known as the House of the Eternal Pledge. And given that the master of the house is a servant of the same evil force that has been toying with Tenchi since he came to Tokyo, it seems certain that danger lurks within its walls.

5. Money! Money! Money!: With none of the girls contributing to living expenses, Sasami soon runs low on funds- and announces that the only way to stretch the budget will be for everyone to go without lunch. Spurred on by this news, Ayeka, Ryoko, Mihoshi and Kiyone head to Tokyo in the hopes of getting jobs- but will their natural talent for causing havoc get in the way of actually making any money?

6. Play Date: When all of the other girls try to steal her money, Sasami decides that the only recourse is to run away and join Tenchi in Tokyo. Coming to the conclusion that the only way to keep the money out of the others’ hands is to spend it, Sasami has Tenchi take her out shopping. But when the two get separated, Sasami wanders into what seems to be an old antiques store- although, as she is about to learn, appearances can be deceiving.

7. The Day We Met: It has been two years since the girls came to Earth, and Tenchi eagerly heads home to celebrate ‘Tenchi Anniversary’ with them. Whilst the others set up the party and wait for Tenchi to arrive, they cannot help but recall how Ryoko’s theft of the Jurai Light Stone led to all six of them ending up on planet Earth.

8. Tenchi Anniversary: As Tenchi and the others enjoy themselves at the Tenchi anniversary party, the girls recall how Tenchi took care of them after their exhausting arrival and battle on Earth. As the group reminisce over how the bond between them was formed, Sakuya arrives at Tenchi’s house- but will there be a place for her at this very special party?

9. The Guardians of Old: When Tenchi goes on a school trip to an archaeological dig, he and his friends accidentally stumble upon a mysterious underground cavern filled with ancient ruins. But as Tenchi, Amagasaki and Tsuchida begin to explore the ruins and search for an exit, they have no idea that the cavern is somehow connected to Yugi, the malevolent observer who continues to toy with the lives of Tenchi and the girls. And, wherever Yugi is involved, it seems certain that trouble for Tenchi cannot be far away.

10. Ryoko’s Big Date: Ryoko has big plans for the weekend- she wants to go on a date with Tenchi, and she won’t take no for an answer. Given her explosive temper, Tenchi decides to go along with the plan and spend the day with her, despite the fact that Sakuya also wants to go out with him that weekend. How will the date with Ryoko turn out, and what consequences will it spell for Tenchi’s relationship with Sakuya?

11. Moon Mission: When Ryo-Ohki is wrongfully blamed for breaking a statue, the upset little cabbit decides to run away from home. Wandering alone in the forest, Ryo-Ohki soon meets and makes friends with another cabbit named Yu-Ohki- all the while unaware that Yu-Ohki is a servant of the evil Yugi. And when Yu-Ohki traps Ryo-Ohki on the moon, it falls to Tenchi and the gang to find and rescue their diminutive friend.

12. Stupid Cupid: When Sasami falls ill, Nobuyuki decides that it is up to him to take care of the house work, only to discover that the girls are less than appreciative of his attempts at cooking and cleaning. Electing to take a break from it all, Nobuyuki heads to Tokyo to spend some time with Tenchi, but his seemingly innocent decision soon has unforeseen consequences when Matori decides to create a simplistic clone of Nobuyuki tasked with getting Tenchi and Sakuya together. What kind of havoc will this ‘Pseudo-Dad’ wreak in the streets of Tokyo?

13. The Eye of the Destroyer: The bond between Tenchi and the girls has held them together through all of Yugi’s games, but now she plans to start getting serious- by visiting the Masaki house in person. But while the little girl projection of Yugi plays happily with Sasami, Yugi’s true form is enjoying a game of a quite different kind, as she hunts down and attacks the other girls. Can they hope to make a stand against Yugi’s overwhelming power?

14. Tokyo or Bust!: With Nobuyuki having helped to get Tenchi and Sakuya’s relationship back on track, Ayeka decides that time is of the essence if she is to see Tenchi and confess her true feelings for him. With all other means of travel unavailable, Ayeka is forced to attempt hitchhiking to Tokyo, with Sasami as her unwilling accomplice. After a string of failures, the two sisters manage to get a ride with a biker girl, completely unaware that she is one of Tsugaru’s creations- although even he doesn’t know the full story of this mysterious traveller.

15. Love Match: Deciding that he wants to lead a more normal life, Tenchi asks Washu to close off the dimensional tunnel- leaving the distraught girls no choice but to begin hunting for Nobuyuki’s hidden savings in order to pay for a bus to Tokyo. Meanwhile, the preparations for the school festival give Sakuya’s friends the perfect opportunity to arrange for Tenchi to have some time alone with Sakuya, in the hopes that this will encourage Tenchi to reveal his true feelings for her. But when Amagasaki keeps ruining their plans, Yugi is forced to step in and summon a female pro-wrestler to keep Tenchi’s friend occupied.

16. Carnival!: As the school carnival gets underway, Tenchi finds himself spending a pleasant day with Sakuya- made even better by knowing that the girls won’t be popping in through the dimensional tunnel. What Tenchi doesn’t realise is that the girls have arranged to come to Tokyo anyway, and will be dropping in unannounced. But what kind of havoc will they cause once they get to the carnival?

17. Drifting Away: For Ryoko, things have never seemed bleaker. She placed her faith in Tenchi, only to end up losing him to Sakuya, and now, as she morosely wanders the streets, she finds herself pursued by an unseen foe. But just as Ryoko reaches her lowest ebb, she finds an unlikely ally in the form of Hotsuma, who proposes that the two of them leave the Earth and form a crime partnership together. Can Ryoko find a good reason to stay on the Earth, or will she accept Hotsuma’s offer and break the bonds that tie her to Tenchi and the gang?

18. Game Over: Things are getting lonely at the Masaki house. Washu is locked up in the lab, Kiyone is busy planning for a promotion, and Ryoko has left the Earth entirely. Together with her new partner Hotsuma, Ryoko has returned to the life of a space pirate, and her first target is none other than the galaxy’s Federation bank. Will this daring robbery make or break the alliance between Hotsuma and Ryoko?

19. The Lonely Princess: Now that Mihoshi and Kiyone have been transferred to Pluto, the Masaki house seems emptier than ever, and Ayeka cannot help feeling that the gang’s separation is an indication that something terrible is on its way. Desperate to allay her fears for the future, Ayeka does her best to get everyone back together again- but will the others be interested in a reunion?

20. Old Friends: As Ryoko and Hotsuma continue their criminal activities, Kiyone and Mihoshi are sent undercover to infiltrate their pirate band and discover the location of their base. Recognising her poorly disguised friends, Ryoko decides to have a little fun at their expense by giving them all kinds of tedious chores to complete. But no matter how hard the chores get, Kiyone and Mihoshi have something much more difficult to contemplate- should they help to turn in an old friend, or wait and find out just why Ryoko left the Earth in the first place?

21. Real Friends?: Whilst Tenchi enjoys summer break with his friends in Tokyo, back in Okayama, Sasami is delighted when Yugi pays her a surprise visit. Whilst the two girls spend the day at the lake, Washu finally emerges from the lab with some interesting news- according to her research, Yugi originally came from planet Jurai. At Washu’s request, Ayeka heads to the Okutama ruins, hoping that the ancient Juraian shrine will provide some clues as to who Yugi is, and how she came to end up on the Earth.

22. Sakuya’s Secret: Ayeka and Sasami are shocked to realise that Sasami’s playmate Yugi and the evil force that attacked the Masaki shrine are one and the same. Whilst Sasami tries to come to terms with the truth about her friend, Ayeka lets paranoia get the better of her as she turns the house into a trap-filled anti-intruder zone. Meanwhile, Tenchi finds himself the unwilling subject of a photo session when Sakuya decides to take pictures of their summer break together, but his discomfort soon turns to unease when Sakuya evades even his most casual questions about her past. Could it be that Sakuya isn’t quite the normal high school girl she appears to be?

23. Here, There and Everywhere: Tiring of the life of a space pirate, Ryoko finds herself pining for the old days on Earth, and begins to wonder if she should go back to the Masaki house. As she soon discovers, however, Hotsuma is equally tired of her, and wants nothing more than to eliminate Ryoko once and for all! Meanwhile, Washu decides to gather data on Sakuya as the next part of her research, but the genius scientist will have to work quickly to get her results- because Yugi has her own plans for Tenchi’s girlfriend.

24. Yugi’s Shadow: It is time for the girls to reunite with Tenchi on Earth, but before they can get back, Ryoko has to get past Hotsuma, whilst Kiyone and Mihoshi face a similar battle against Tsugaru. Meanwhile, Tenchi is relieved to discover that Sakuya has not completely disappeared, but even as he spends the day with her, Washu and Katsuhito make their way to Tokyo to give Tenchi important information about Yugi, and about Tenchi’s own heritage.

25. The End of Time: Her plans complete, Yugi is finally ready to bring her crystal domain into the real world, supplanting reality and even freezing time itself. The only thing that can stop her is the combined power of everyone’s gems, but before the girls can be reunited, they must first face off against Yugi’s servants. Unwilling to wait, Tenchi heads off to face Yugi alone, only to end up getting trapped in an illusory world where he can spend eternity with his beloved Sakuya.

26. Payback: Yugi has extended her crystal domain across the Earth, creating a dark and twisted reality that she plan to shape into the perfect world for her and Sasami to play together in. But when Sasami rejects her and joins the other girls at Tenchi’s side, a devastated Yugi withdraws to her throne room. With the girls acting as backup, Tenchi must find and confront Yugi- but exactly how should he deal with an entity who is both a malevolent demon and a scared and lonely child?