1. A Magnificent Secret Agent with a Rose in Her Hands

Out on the practice range, special agent Najica Hiragi is busy honing her gun skills, testing herself against a legion of holographic opponents. As expected, she manages to rack up a perfect score, but once practise is over, Najica receives a message indicating that the real work is about to begin- a single rose, the indicator that Najica is to report for her next assignment

Taking off in her helicopter, Najica begins preparing for her mission- rescuing a young girl from a wealthy woman’s mansion. Oddly enough, the mansion appears to be unguarded, but while Najica puzzles over this mystery, she is interrupted by a call from her client- Gento. As per usual, Gento is looking to ask Najica out to dinner, and always, she turns him down.

Reaching the mansion, Najica skydives out of her helicopter, using a suit of large inflatable balls to cushion her fall as she plummets into the surrounding forest. Taking off her outer skydiving suit, Najica makes her way to the mansion, using an extensible ladder to scale the walls. Before long, Najica is inside.

After knocking out the first maid she runs into, Najica begins to explore the mansion, only to run into a stroke of luck when she overhears two more maids talking. Apparently, the lady of the house has gone down to the playroom in the basement- presumably the same place where the trapped girl is being held. Unfortunately, the layout of the basement does not appear on Najica’s plans of the mansion- she will have to scope it out for herself.

Whilst the lady of the house prepares to spend the night with her new ‘kitten’, the intruder alarm goes off. Najica has managed to spot the entrance to the basement, but she in turn has been spotted by the maids of the house- who also double as the guards. As the maids draw machine guns and begin firing on Najica, she has no choice but to fire back, downing them with plastic bullets. Under the sheer weight of their numbers, however, Najica is forced to retreat, until they have her pinned down in the archive room. Fortunately, the ever resourceful Najica is able to toss a miniature stun grenade at the maids as they enter- taking down the rest of the group.

Her way clear, Najica heads down to the basement, where the lady of the house has undressed and is ready to awaken her ‘kitten’. As Najica enters the room, the lady draws her gun, but Najica is too fast for her- slipping round behind her opponent, she manages to inject her with a tranquiliser.

With the girl herself appearing to be barely conscious, Najica is forced to carry her as she makes her way out, a fresh squad of maids on her tail. Finding herself unable to get a signal to her helicopter on the first floor, Najica is forced to use a grappling hook to pull herself upstairs, only to have the maids to catch up with her on the roof. Setting the girl down, Najica signals her chopper and engages the maids in hand-to-hand combat, preventing them from firing their weapons for fear of hitting each other.

Najica’s moves soon have most of the maids knocked out- all, that is except one. As the final maid raises her weapon, however, Najica’s helicopter finally arrives, and the momentary distraction it provides gives Najica enough time to launch a flying kick that takes down the final maid.

After getting herself and the girl aboard the copter, Najica radios back to base, and is given instructions to head to a nearby aircraft carrier. Touching down, Najica hands the girl over to Gento, before heading home.

Returning home, Najica is picked up by her assistant, Kirala, and taken back to CRI HQ. Most people there know her as a perfumier, currently working on the ‘Day series’ of perfumes, of which only the ‘Sunday scent’ remains unreleased. Only a few know of Najica’s second job as a secret agent.

After reporting in to her boss, Jin Majima, Najica says a brief hello to her colleagues, before heading back to her apartment. Something doesn’t seem quite right at work, however, and once she gets home, Najica’s feelings of unease only deepen- it looks like someone else has entered her apartment. Entering the apartment, Najica draws her gun and prepares to confront the intruder- only to discover that it is the girl she rescued on her mission…