Kanon Harem Diaries Part 23

The forest is the key to it all, I am sure of it. That was where I last saw Ayu, and it is surely where the plot has decreed I can find her again. I don’t mean brief visions of her saying goodbye- I mean lengthy romantic scenes followed by promises that she will never leave me again. I gambled away minor harem members in an attempt to discover just what exactly works when seducing a woman, but I cannot afford to lose Ayu too. She was my perfectly trained love slave, attentive to my every need, and without her, all I am is an average high school student without a woman to my name.

Kaori, I cannot thank you enough for coming and saving me from my formerly futile existence. Trapped alone in my room with the incriminating bead, I could not stop dwelling on how much I had sacrificed to be with the worthless Yuuichi (even now he prefers a cold forest and the memory of Ayu to spending time with me). It all seemed so hopeless, until Kaori came to me and explained about HARD YURI- the one true tool we females can use to fight back. Only now have I come to realise the value of HARD YURI, and how it will not only be possible but even preferable to continue my life without Yuuichi.

I know it might seem strange for me to show up at this point in the series, but when I got a call from my agent saying that someone had used my name to star in the show, I just had to come and investigate. I can’t seem to find any evidence of this second Makoto, but the next time she lands a job by pretending to be, there’s going to be trouble. In the meantime, the producers struck a deal with me, paying compensation provided I appeared in this one episode. I think I’ll use the money to go on holiday.


Nayuki, I know we did not part on the best of terms, but now I must return to your side to share all that I have discovered in my time off-screen. Both Shiori and I have come to realise that we girls cannot afford to fight; instead, we must stand together and form a united front against the men who would so callously use us and add us to their harems. HARD YURI is the future, Nayuki, and it is my duty to show that to you, for I am sure you will be much happier once you embrace this new way of thinking.

It may be late in the game, but everything is proceeding as I originally planned. Thanks to my constant reminders, Yuuichi has become obsessed about Ayu, to the point where he spends all his time randomly wandering around the forest and looking for her. It may seem a little cruel to the outsider, but in lieu of helping him, I have decided to move in on his turf and snag both Nayuki and Kaori for myself. They all said I was hopelessly optimistic to keep on waiting week after week for my turn in the spotlight, but I knew that my patience would pay off. Who’s laughing now, eh?



Translation: What happened? One week I was at the centre of events, and now I have been shoved to one side again. Mark my words, Yuuichi, you will pay for this- expect cat hairs in your food from now on.

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3 Responses to Kanon Harem Diaries Part 23

  1. Skh says:

    Kitagawa is such an evil genius.

  2. Jet says:

    Kitagawa is truly a genius if he turns Nayuki and Kaori from HARD YURI to BI.

  3. dsong says:

    Surprised at just how effective Kitagawa was in stealing Yuuichi’s thunder. Looks like Kitaga has tied the score, 2-2.

    If Kitagawa is successful in convincing Yuuichi as well, I’d have to give him the tiebreaker.

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