Sunday News Bites: August 12th

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! This week, we’re joined in the news room by Hakuoro from Utawarerumono, here to give us his expert opinion on what it’s like to stay well behind the battle lines and let his harem fight for him.

Kanon Trailer from ADV
The clues were all in place- the domain name registration, the Kanon girls cameo screenshot on the Air website- but now ADV has put together trailers for the series. Apparently, said trailers are unavailable now, but it seems to be the last in a long line of confirmations that, whilst they are unwilling to openly admit it as yet, ADV has indeed licensed Kanon 2006.
Hakuoro says: Although I don’t approve of Yuuichi’s methods, I admire him as a fellow harem owner and wish him the best of luck on the other side of the Atlantic.

How much would you pay for a Gundam T-shirt?
How does 200,000 yen sound? If you’re excessively rich and just happen to have that much money burning a hole in your pocket, why invest in say a top of the range laptop when you could buy a Gundam t-shirt? The shirt features Swarovski crystals hand stitched into the shapes of mobile suits and will only be available from selected stores in Japan, but fear not- for a mere 38,000 yen or so, you may be able to pick up a similar t-shirt with glass beads in place of crystals. Start saving those pennies.
Hakuoro says: Do you think there’s a market for t-shirts with hand stitched images of my beautiful face?

Clannad fans, a date for your calendar
It means the Haruhi fanboys will have to wait, but the latest KyoAni adaptation of a Key game is set to start airing on the fourth of October. Although Kanon made me wary, my enjoyment of Air, combined with the few things I already know about the series, makes me want to give this a try.
Hakuoro says: Ah, another prospective harem master. Good luck.

xxxHOLiC 2? Wasn’t one enough?
People, the news is in- after suffering through the intense boredom of 24 episodes of xxxHOLiC TV series one, a second series has now been greenlit for production. Apparently the new TV series will feature some staffing changes, and we can only hope that means hiring some animators who actually show up to work, along with writers who don’t suck all the life out of the original manga material.
Hakuoro says: That Yuuko can come over to my castle anytime.

Hello Kitty: The Punisher
Hello Kitty has certainly appeared on plenty of merchandise, but now she takes on a whole new role- as a punishment armband for Thai police. If an officer steps out of line, his MANLY image will be ruined by having to wear a hot pink Hello Kitty armband. How’s that for a deterrent?
Hakuoro says: Take it away! The cuteness makes my eyes burn!

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