Kanon Harem Diaries Part 24 [end]

Well, I guess as far as harems go, I didn’t do that great a job of assembling one, but who cares, for I have gained the ultimate prize- Ayu. Admittedly, she is still confined to a wheelchair and not yet in good enough shape for some of the more energetic games I like to play, but I am sure that time and physiotherapy will solve that little problem. In the meantime, I can continue to mould her to fit my desires, for one perfect example of lolimoe is worth any number of harems.

Conclusion: Yuuichi lived happily ever with Ayu, playing bondage games night and day.

I have been through so much and hatched so many schemes over the course of this series, but with the help of Kaori and her revelations about HARD YURI, I can put that chapter of my life completely behind me now. When I think of how close I came to a life of servitude under Yuuichi’s cruel reign, I can only breathe a sigh of relief at my lucky escape, and savour the years of freedom that stretch out ahead of me.

Conclusion: After Akiko destroyed the bead, no one was able to trace Nayuki’s crimes back to her, and she lived a happy life free of Yuuichi.


After months of attempting to perfect it, I have finally been able to produce the jam that will be able to finish the plot once and for all (I call it Power Berry Jam). With this recipe, I can bring Ayu out of her coma and speed her along the road to recovery, ensuring that Yuuichi ends up with her instead of Nayuki. In order to obscure my motives, however, I must use the jam on others as well- perhaps it can cure Shiori and speed the recovery of Mai and Sayuri. Provided they all survive taking the jam, I may even be able to make millions by marketing it as a cure-all.

Conclusion: Akiko made millions selling jams, which we now know as the particularly hideous medicines we had to take as children.

Now that I have fully awakened, I can admit the truth behind everything. My innocent and naïve persona was merely one I created to ensnare Yuuichi; having deduced his love for lolimoe, I devised the ultimate holographic projection to win his heart- something even the scheming Nayuki could not have thought of. Unfortunately, powering the projector took up so much of my life energy that I was forced to remain in a coma whilst I was using it, but now that it has been switched off, I can once again awaken (I also feel a lot more energetic after eating some jam that appeared by my bedside). My plan was seven years in the making, but I believe it is worth it, for now I have Yuuichi all to myself, whilst the other girls have been forced to turn to HARD YURI and are thus no longer a threat to me.

Conclusion: Ayu became Yuuichi’s love slave- or was it the other way around?

Even after coming off the sickness inducing tablets, something hasn’t been quite right with me, but ever since Akiko came round and gave me some of her special jam, I’ve felt a lot better- in fact, I am in almost perfect health! From now on, I will not try to snag men by hanging around courtyards pretending to be ill, for instead I have my sister.

Conclusion: Having survived a fatal illness, Shiori became so energetic that she ended up breaking her leg when she ran across an icy road and slipped over.

Nayuki, now that I have showed you HARD YURI, I know that you will be able to put Yuuichi behind you and join the rest of the girls in the best future available to us. The only obstacle in our way is Kitagawa, but he should not be too much of a problem to dispatch.

Conclusion: Kaori outwitted Kitagawa’s plans and became a HARD YURI harem master.


After all those weeks in the hospital, I have finally made my feelings plain to Sayuri, and we have agreed to begin a HARD YURI future together. Although I never this to her, however, I must admit that my time with Yuuichi has left me craving for a man now and then. Could including Kitagawa in our inner circle be the answer?

I must also admit that I feel a lot better even since I ate that jam that Akiko gave to Sayuri and I. In fact, shortly after we finished the jam, the doctor told us we were well enough to leave hospital. Could it be more than coincidence?

Conclusion: After watching Toei’s ending and the Kazahana special, Mai and Sayuri realised they were supposed to go abroad for HARD YURI together. They promptly did so, and Mai eventually forgot about men.

For a long time, I didn’t really understand what HARD YURI was, but thanks to Mai, I have now been explicitly introduced to its charms. I cannot believe I did not indulge in it before, for now that it has been revealed to me, I know that Mai is the only partner I need…

Conclusion: See above.


Ah, Yuuichi, what a fool you were- and what a mess you made of your harem. Last time I was able to snatch Kaori and Nayuki from you, and thanks to your casual suggestion that Mai and Sayuri invite me to their party, I can now make my move on them. At long last, my patience has been rewarded, and nothing can possibly stand in my way! Spin-off series, here I come!

Conclusion: Kitagawa was defeated by HARD YURI without ever quite knowing what it was.



In the future, people will look back at this series and they won’t remember the humans- but they will think of me. Remember, cats are superior.

Conclusion: Piroshki starred in his own spin-off series, Piroshki Monogatari.

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6 Responses to Kanon Harem Diaries Part 24 [end]

  1. Hinano says:

    LMAO the part about Sayuri x Mai HARD YURI was actually truthful..cause it was a CG in the game roflmao

  2. dsong says:

    And I thought Nayuki was quite the schemer – Ayu took things up another notch. Never would have guessed…

  3. Sana Jisushi says:

    Haha… I thought there was something suspicious about Ayu being the only one in character. Turns out she was even worse than the rest!

  4. tidal says:

    you make kanon sound like death note. Thanks for all the entertainment!

  5. Atvaark says:

    well, your harem diaries were a riot, i really enjoyed reading them. but there is one question that still lingers in my mind…

    did you like the new kanon serie?

  6. Karura says:

    Hinano: That doesn’t surprise me- I had my suspicions ever since watching the Kazahana episode.

    dsong, Sana Jisushi: I always found in-character Ayu the hardest to write for but making her evil earlier on would have made her entries too similar to Nayuki’s. I couldn’t resist in the end, though.

    tidal: If Nayuki had a Death Note, it would have been over long ago.

    Atvaark: Not really, tbh; it had its moments but mostly sent me to sleep. I’ll be posting my ‘Final Thoughts’ review later in the week.

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