True Tears, and how it might just might make you cry them

What do you do when the girl you like moves in with your family but becomes even more cold and distant than ever? Or when you meet a strange girl at school who seems to take a perverse interest in treating you like one of her chickens? How about when your best friend’s girlfriend seems less interested in him than she does in you? As it turns out, for Nakagami Shinichiro, all of the above apply, and when that’s only the beginning of the tangle of feelings that surrounds you, it’s all going to take a bit of working out. Can Shinichiro and those around him find true happiness, or will it all end in tears?

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Sunday News Bites: February 3rd

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! This week we dragged Claude of Star Ocean 2 away from his lover Dias Rena so that he could comment on the latest news of the hour.

ADV turning Blu?
With the death of Geneon leaving everyone paranoid, further unwelcome news has come with the news that ADV are working through some “short term challenges” which led to certain titles being removed from their site. In the aftermath of these events, ADV seem to have deflected queries by claiming that they are preparing to embrace Blu-ray for their anime releases, but exactly what we’ll be getting from them in the future and in what format remains unclear. Continue reading “Sunday News Bites: February 3rd”

Last minute Winter 2007/8 preview

chibi-karura-blog.pngYes, the time has come to complete my first year of previews, although unfortunately I left it so late that I’ll just ignore most of the movies, OVAs and specials to come out in December and get cracking on the series that are intended to sustain us through the cold and depressing weeks of January.

  • Ayakashi: Hmm, another series named Ayakashi- when will they ever learn that this name brings nothing about bad fortune? Apparently this time around, the Ayakashi in question give special powers to their hosts in exchange for draining their life force- sounds a lot like Mushi-Uta. The series has already started, so it shouldn’t be too much effort to try episode one…eventually. Continue reading “Last minute Winter 2007/8 preview”