Tuesday Rumble: February 12th


E-card: the new gaming phenomenon that’s taking over the nation
Forget Pokemon, move aside Yu-Gi-Oh!- a new card game is in town! The kids will just love E-card, a high stakes gambling game brought to you by your good friends in the yakuza! In each E-card starter set, you get a deck of cards containing Citizens, an Emperor and a Slave card, as well as special accessories to affix to your eye and ear! Gamble too much, and the pin in the accessory will penetrate the eyeball or eardrum, permanently damaging the organ. Bet against fellow players for big money, and remember- what’s a sensory organ or two amongst friends? You can play again and again and again with our special E-card sets!*

*Please wash eye and ear needles between use. Note that we cannot accept returns on used E-card sets.

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Tuesday Rumble: August 28th


Writers’ meeting to discuss Iroha finale

It’s been a few months now, but the ridiculousness of the Iroha finale has caused it to cycle back into the limelight as we try to imagine just what was going through the writers’ heads as they plotted out the last few episodes.

Head Writer: Okay guys, we’ve got to finish up this series about the Lord’s Head- any ideas?

Writer 1: Well, why don’t we stall for time by including cameos of lots of historical characters?

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Harvest Moon Anton’s Diary: Year 3 Winter Part II

Day 16
Winter continues to be dull, and so I shall spice up today with Anton’s guide to making money. The key to big profits can be summarised with three procedures- pineapples in the summer, sweet potatoes in the autumn, and mining all year round. Once your farm is established, however, money effectively generates itself, with hothouse pineapples and cheese proving to be massive earners. Your early days will be spent in poverty, but give it a year or so and the cash will truly be rolling in.

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Harvest Moon Anton’s Diary: Year 3 Winter Part I

Day 1
Winter is here, and unlike the previous years, there is nothing I really want to accomplish in this season- therefore, I have decided to just get it over with as quickly as possible by completing only the basic farm tasks and spending most of the day in bed. People will call me a recluse for doing this, but they cannot know the accumulated pain of nearly three years of farming. I may go out for festivals, however, just for a change of pace.

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Harvest Moon Anton’s Diary: Year 3 Autumn Part II

Day 16
It was Tony’s birthday today, and so after venturing out into the rain to see to the animals, I went back indoors to celebrate with him and Popuri. It is hard to believe that it has already been a year since the little tyke was first born, and yet now he has just learned to walk- I’m so proud! As a gift, I gave him some of his favourite wild grapes, only to realise that he has learned some new words, “mama” included. Now if only he would start saying “dada”…

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Harvest Moon Anton’s Diary: Year 3 Autumn Part I

Day 1
Autumn has arrived, and with it a new planting season begins, so naturally, today was spent in the fields. As well as the seeds I bought yesterday, I found two additional packets of spinach seeds in the toolbox, and so everything has been planted outside- although this time I made sure to plant all the renewable crops closest to the house so that there will not be gaps between them when the one-time crops are harvested. After this was completed, I went out to do some mild foraging- I don’t plan to pursue it as assiduously as last year, but with so much lying around on the ground in autumn, I may as well collect at least a portion of it.

Unfortunately, it must be mentioned that the change of season seems to have affected the hens, who have had one of their non-egg-laying days again.

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Harvest Moon Anton’s Diary: Year 3 Summer Part II

Day 16
When I went outside this morning, I noticed that the Pineapples were progressing nicely- that is, all except a lagging bunch of three. Why must this always happen? Ah well, at least the watering is much reduced now that the pumpkins are gone, enabling me to go out and buy wine for Karen shortly after 9am, safe in the knowledge that the farm tasks have been completed.

In the afternoon, I finally decided to dismantle the fence separating crops and grass- not only does it get in the way of harvesting, but half of it has rotted now to my lack of attention to it (well, there are better things to do than continually repair fences). I also made sure to cut some more grass and ride Seiran- he must be kept happy at any cost.

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Harvest Moon Anton’s Diary: Year 3 Summer Part I

Day 1
What an embarrassing start to the season! Having decided to attend the summer Opening Day Festival at the beach, I was press-ganged into joining the swimming competition, even discovering that I owned a pair of swimming trunks I never even knew I had. All we had to do was swim to a rock that was slightly offshore, but although I started out well enough, I was soon hit with terrible cramps, forcing me to stop and trying to catch my breath whilst the others easily swam past me. My only consolation is that upon speaking to Karen beforehand, I happened to notice that her feelings for me have increased to blue heart level. Continue reading “Harvest Moon Anton’s Diary: Year 3 Summer Part I”

Harvest Moon Anton’s Diary: Year 3 Spring Part II

Day 16
Tony has magically grown a little bit today, and has now started crawling, enabling me to finally talk to and interact with him. This means I can finally give him gifts, and so I have started with Wild Grapes, which he seems to like- bringing his love for me up to two hearts.

Once outside, I set to work harvesting the latest batch of ripe Pineapples and half of the cabbages (the others are lagging behind)- I have placed the cabbages in the fridge as I will no doubt need some for cooking. Afterwards, I headed over to the supermarket to buy two bags of cucumber seeds and four bags of potato seeds for planting- hopefully they will produce a reasonable amount of crops before the end of the season. Of course, I stopped in to chat with the girls on the way, and to my delight, Mary was won over to red heart level by my gifts! Three girls down, two to go.

I must also note that the other day Won came over to sell me a SUGDW apple, and out of curiosity, I finally bought it- only to discover that it looks the same as a normal apple! Damn that swindling conman…

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Harvest Moon Anton’s Diary: Year 3 Spring Part I

Day 1
My third year on the farm has commenced, and with it the snow has magically melted once more to reveal a bright new day (it has also reset all the grass to the same stage of growth, which looks less messy but prevents me from restocking the fodder silo straightaway). As soon as I got outside this morning, I planted all nine bags of Strawberry seeds, and later added five bags of Toy Flower seeds; it may seem like too much to handle, but as an experienced farmer I am confident that I can manage- I may even add a bag or two or cabbage seeds as I have no cabbages in the fridge. The spring mood also seems to have affected the animals, who were most energetic and intractable when I went into the barn to feed and milk them.

After devoting the afternoon to foraging for the spring items that the girls love so much, I went down to Rose Square to celebrate the New Year. All the older villagers were at the inn, and so I was able to chat up all the girls before sharing a dance with Popuri. Karen danced with Rick, but I’m sure she winked at me at one point.

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