Ginga Densetsu Weed parody: episode two

Weed, GB and Smith move on.

Weed: Hey, what happened to that brown dog from episode one?

The other dogs shrug.

Cut to a town- a young pup named Mel is stealing food from the humans. He runs off into the forest.

GB: What’s that all about?

Hook: I am Hook, a character conveniently placed here for some plot exposition. That pup is going wrong thanks to the EVILZ influence of Blue, gang leader and murderer of my brother.

Weed: As the main character, I pledge myself to right this wrong.

Off to the forest for a confrontation with EVILZ.

Weed: Blue, you are EVILZ and must bow before the inevitability that good always wins.

Blue: First I must put up the obligatory fight!

Selected subordinates, Blue and a reluctant Mel fight Weed and his friends. Everyone else stands around watching.

Weed: Mel, stop this- you’re a good character at heart who will undoubtedly be joining the cast by the end of the episode.

Cut to Hook, who is chained up in his garden.

Hook: So it’s finally come, the point in the story where I suddenly find the courage to escape and help.

Hook breaks his chain. Conveniently, Smith is waiting for him and they head off to join the fray. Blue and his two lieutenants soon run off.

Weed: After them!

The lieutenants are easily caught, only to be let go.

Hook: Let them go- they’re inconsequential to the storyline.

Everyone chases after Blue, but by the time they catch up, he is standing in the middle of the road, on the other side of a chain link fence.

Blue: Hahaha, you’ll never get past this fence!

Weed: So how did you get through?

Blue: Er, never mind about that…the point is that after I finish gloating, I’m going to make a clean getaway!

As Blue is speaking, he is hit by a truck. As another truck approaches, Weed launches himself over the fence, but is unable to save Blue.

Blue: You tried to save me…that brief act of kindness has negated all the evil in my heart! You truly are a main character!

Blue dies. Mel, GB, Smith and Weed move on.

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