Ginga Densetsu Weed parody: episode three

Our intrepid canine heroes journey on, but thank to old man Smith and pup Mel, the pace is slow.

GB: Hey Weed, why don’t you go on ahead? Of course it’s not safe and you’re bound to get in trouble without your friends by your side, but what the hell- just go for it.

Weed: Sure thing, GB!

Weed goes on ahead.

Smith: GB, what are you doing, sending the main character out by himself? Go after him at once!

GB duly follows Weed, who has run into a pack of dogs- and a number of dead ones.

Weed: So what’s going on here? Anything a main character can help with?

Ken: Since you’re bound to get caught up in the thick of things I suppose I may as well tell you- there’s this bizarre giant monster dog terrorising the area, and our leader, who looks a lot like you, went off to fight it alone.

Kagetora: We’re a bit annoyed at that since we wanted to risk our lives too.

Weed: Leader? It must be my dad- I’ve got to go after him!

Weed chases after his alleged father and catches up with him.

Weed: Dad, I’ve found you- and after only three episodes!

‘Dad’: Don’t be stupid, kid, no one finds their father this early in a series. If they did, the rest of the episodes would have to be beach party OVAs.

The giant monster dog conveniently attacks. ‘Dad’ puts up a good fight but to no avail. Ken and the other dogs arrive on the scene just as he is killed.

Ken: Leader! We finally figured out that you were trying to protect us by fighting this monster alone- although as it turns out, you weren’t even able to scratch him.

The other dogs attack the monster but no one is able to dent him, until-

Weed: By the power of the main character, I won’t give up!

Weed attacks the monster and scratches him- monster dog runs off. The dogs carry ‘Dad’ away from the battlefield.

Weed: Father, how can you have died so early in the series?

Smith: Wait a minute, this isn’t your father. It’s a convenient plot device, er, I mean little known secret that Gin and his subordinates all somehow managed to find body doubles that took their places while they were away. This dog was your father’s double, Tokimune.

Weed: He gave his life so that I, the main character, might live to see my real father.

Suddenly a new pack of dogs appears.

GB: Wait a minute, it’s nearly the end of the episode- we don’t have time for this.

Smith: See that “to be continued” sign? It means we get at least another episode to tie up the loose ends.

GB: Oh good.

To be continued…

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