Ginga Densetsu Weed parody: episode eleven

After some macho posturing, the battle between Weed and Kyoushiro begins. The two tussle for a brief while. Weed’s friends are happy to stand and watch, but Kyoushiro’s subordinate brown dogs want to help out.

Brown dog: Leave it to us, Leader!

The brown dogs attack, but Weed evades.

Weed: Low level brown dogs can’t do anything against a main character.

Kyoushiro: Stay out of this! The duty of subordinates is to stand around and watch!

Teru: Kill him, Kyoushiro!

Weed: Kyoushiro, why do we have to fight? We should try to resolve things peacefully!

Kyoushiro: That sort of claptrap is fine for main characters, but not for precocious cynic such as myself.

The battle continues; Kyoushiro starts digging.

Weed: What are you doing?

Kyoushiro: I’m digging you a grave.

Weed: Is that even an allowed special attack?

Kyoushiro: No, but this is! Rock Fling!

Kyoushiro digs up rocks and launches them at Weed, who loses HP.

Kyoushiro: Now for the final attack- High Jump!

Kyoushiro launches himself into the air…and lands in the snow with his back end sticking up. If this were an RPG, white text saying “Miss” would come up about now. Kyoushiro extracts himself.

Kyoushiro: Uh, that wasn’t supposed to happen… best of three?

The yelps of dogs in pain are heard.

Weed: I’ve got a better idea- let’s predictably put aside our differences to sort out this new problem.

Kyoushiro and his subordinates run off to investigate the source of the disturbance; Weed goes with them. They discover four injured dogs- Riku, Hachi, Rocket and GB.

Kyoushiro: Riku, Hachi, did those two attack you?

Riku: Not at all- since the plot dictates that we shall all be friends soon, they helped us. It was the suspicious unknowns from last episode that attacked us.

Kyoushiro: Okay, let’s track them.

Kyoushiro and the others follow Lector and Thunder’s tracks to a point where the trail diverges. Kyoushiro sends nameless brown dogs to investigate both sets of tracks whilst he, Weed and Teru wait behind.

Kyoushiro: Teru, I want you to forget everything I told you in the last episode- the way to being a real dog is not random bloodlust, but controlled and directed fury.

Kyoushiro turns to Weed.

Kyoushiro: This guy has no parents, so I’ll take it upon myself to raise him.

Weed: Well, he did have a father until you ripped the guy’s ear off and put a restraining order on him, but never mind about that.

The nameless brown dogs return.

Kyoushiro: I thought I told you guys to follow the trail.

Brown dog: We did- it led back here.

As if on cue, a lump of snow ominously falls to the ground, and Lector and Thunder emerge with Teru in their jaws.

Lector: We know the whole hostage thing was done a few episodes ago, but never let it be said that this series is afraid to re-use a storyline! Kyoushiro, do as we say, or we kill this kid.

Kyoushiro: Do I look like a pure hearted main character to you? If the kid has to die, so be it.

Teru: I’m okay with that too!

Teru-dad: Teru…

Kyoushiro: Actually, no, I changed my mind…take me and let the kid go.

Lector: Okay, then, dismiss your random brown dogs.

Kyoushiro’s brown dogs depart, but before any further action can be taken, Weed approaches.

Lector: Get out of here, kid.

Weed: You can’t send me away, I’m the main character!

Weed launches an attack; Teru is dropped, but conveniently (for the plot) he remains nearby. A double battle begins; Lector vs. Kyoushiro and Thunder vs. Weed.

GB: We should help them!

Jerome: It is our job to stand and watch, for these are extremely dangerous dogs.

GB: You know them?

Jerome: Conveniently, I do. Enter Exposition mode!

Play flashback music.

Jerome: Years ago, Thunder and Lector trained with me, but after a while they moved on and levelled up elsewhere, so I don’t know anything useful like their special attacks.

Battle 1: Weed vs. Thunder.

Thunder: Turn one- Killer Fang!

Thunder starts attacking but Weed is able to dodge and counterattack.

Jerome: It’s like something is awakening in Weed, could it be…God Mode?

Battle result: Thunder stunned but not KO’ed.

Battle 2, Lector vs. Kyoushiro. Kyoushiro tries his grave digging trick again.

Lector: You can’t possibly expect me to believe that this is your special attack.

Teru-dad: It’s a trap- he’s going to throw rocks at you.

Teru: What are you doing? We should be rooting for the side of good!

Teru-dad: Your so-called side of good ripped my ear off. I’d rather help these heartless assassin dogs.

By now, Kyoushiro is getting owned. Weed tries to step in.

Kyoushiro: Stay out of this, kid- maintaining my pride is more important than having a hope of winning this battle.

Weed launches an attack anyway, but both he and Kyoushiro are deflected. Thunder’s stun wears off, and the two assassins take Teru hostage once again.

Kyoushiro: This is really getting old now!

Lector: Haha, our tired old tricks will carry the day.

Jerome: Even in this situation we must remain in standby- however, Teru-dad, you may attack as they won’t suspect you.

Lector: Weed, you must kill Kyoushiro- or we’ll kill this kid.

Teru-dad: No wait, let me do it!

Lector: You’ve just been chatting with Weed’s followers, but I’m not at all suspicious of your motives, so go ahead.

Teru-dad goes over to Kyou and starts making strained noises as he tries to fill his Fury bar.

Lector: Come on, get on with it.

Teru-dad: You hurt the son I never cared about!

Teru-dad launches an attack on Lector, but there our episode must end.

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