Ginga Densetsu Weed parody: episode twenty-one

The Hougen squad that Kyoushiro joined under the alias Tasuke returns to Gajou. He is immediately accused by a general of evilz, Bat, of being a double agent.

Bat: Using my special ability, Mind’s Eye, I can immediately see the truth of matters- truly a useful plot device.


Random dogs: Tasuke, we’ve known you for all of five minutes! Surely you can’t be a traitor!

Hougen begins savaging Kyoushiro.

Hougen: Who cares if he’s a traitor? A good savaging is the perfect way to get to know this dog and see if he’s worthy or not.

Toube arrives.

Hougen: Toube! How did you survive?

Toube: I have mastered the secrets of Mai-Otome; with them, a fall such as mine was as nothing to me.


Hougen: Excellent timing, Toube- you see, we have a potential traitor right here in our midst. To reaffirm your loyalty to me, I’d like you to kill him.

Toube: Of course, sir.

Kyoushiro: You bastard, you’ll never get me, for I am Kyoushiro of Shiga!

Random dog 1: What? You’re Kyoushiro?

Random dog 2: You know, I thought he looked familiar- he’s from the OP!

Duel Start: Toube vs Kyoushiro

Toube begins attacking Kyoushiro.

Toube: Enter Telepathic Mode!

Suddenly, Kyoushiro and Toube can understand each other’s thoughts.

Toube: [Kid, I hope you understand that I’m doing this as part of our bigger plan to get a double agent inside Hougen’s inner circle.]

Kyoushiro: [Of course, I’ve read ahead in the script.]

Toube: [Okay, I’m going to knock you out now. Leave the rest to me.]

Toube smashes Kyoushiro’s head against a rock, rendering him unconscious.

Hougen: I told you to kill him- why didn’t you finish the job?

Toube: Sir, we shouldn’t kill a named character from the OP until all the lesser dogs have been used up. Let’s just imprison him instead.

Hougen: Fair enough.

Kyoushiro is imprisoned with Gin inside Gajou.

Duel Complete! Main Level Start!

Mission Briefing

Cut to Weed’s forces.

Akame: There is a storm tonight, and this is episode 21; what better time to suddenly decide to rescue Gin through a convenient secret passage I previously failed to mention?

Weed: Let’s do it.

Victory Conditions: Rescue Gin and Kyoushiro.

Defeat Conditions: There are none; the plot dictates that good must win out.

Mission start

Weed and Akame make their way down the secret passage. Meanwhile, Toube begins his infiltration from the front entrance, unaware that Kamakiri is spying on him.

Kamakiri: It’s just as we thought; Toube has joined the Stars of Heaven!

Battle message: Weed has engaged the enemy!

Weed: It may look like I’m being a coward and running away, but I’m actually providing a diversion whilst Akame rescues my father.

Hougen Underlings: After him! We must uphold the long tradition of underling stupidity!

Battle message: Akame and Toube have reached Gin and Kyoushiro!

Gin: You must leave me behind…I can’t take the pain of not being the main character anymore!

Akame: Forget it, Gin, we must obey the will of the storyline.

Toube carries Gin on his back as the party escapes. Kamakiri’s forces chase after.

Cutscene event- the rescue party triggers a cave-in to block Kamakiri’s progress.

Kamakiri: Foiled again! If I was physically able to do so, I’d start shaking my fist in anger about now.

The rescue party emerges from the secret passage, whilst Weed makes it out through the front entrance, past Hougen himself.

Hougen: Damn, it’s a few episodes too early to engage him again.

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the secret passage, Toube chooses to stay behind.

Toube: My name is even now greying out on the stone tablet; that means it’s my duty to stay behind and sacrifice myself in order to slow Kamakiri for five minutes.

Akame: I can see you’ve accepted the duties of a brown dog- farewell, Toube.

The others leave Toube behind.

Toube: Enter Challenge Mode!

A stream of enemies pours out. Toube kills a steady stream of them until he is overwhelmed.


Kamakiri: That’s the end of your Challenge Mode, Toube, and you aren’t even in the top three on the high score board.

Toube: I will never lie down to the likes of you!


Toube remains standing despite his injuries, but Kamakiri’s forces move on anyway. Later, the Ohu dogs find Toube’s frozen corpse, still standing.

GB: Toube, we barely knew you, but you were a brave brown dog until the end. Unfortunately, now the story must progress without you, for there are more important characters at hand.

The boss battle with Kamakiri awaits our forces! The excitement continues in the next thrilling episode of Ginga Densetsu Weed.

Play Weed rap: Ginga, GingaDen, Densetsu Weed

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