Ginga Densetsu Weed parody: episode twenty-two

Weed and Akame make it back to the Ohu base and learn that Toube has died, whilst Kyoushiro and Gin aren’t back yet.

Weed: Let’s head out at once and bring them back safely before Kamakiri’s forces get them. All named characters except Hiro, you’re with me.

Hiro: But Weed, Kamakiri killed my father and damaged my right eye; you have to let me come.

Weed: Hiro, since you feel so strongly about coming, you must stay behind and join us later in the episode.

Hiro: Oh, okay, I suppose we should follow procedure right to the end.

Meanwhile, Kyoushiro and Gin take refuge in a cave whilst Kamakiri underlings search for them.

Gin: You should go on without me…save yourself.

Kyoushiro: What is with you and your self-sacrificial attitude? We’ve spent all these episodes worrying about you and trying to rescue you and you haven’t uttered a word of thanks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find another losing battle.

Kyoushiro reveals himself to the enemy.

Kyoushiro: I’m hopelessly outnumbered, but nonetheless I shall fight you and protect Gin, who may or may not be hidden somewhere around here!

Kyoushiro fights the enemy but is quickly overpowered and dragged off. Some minutes later, Weed’s forces pass by.

GB: My GB sense is tingling! Evil must be nearby!

Cut to Gajou. Hougen is in the grip of paranoia.

Hougen: The end of the series is coming, and the final battle is near…I know I’m destined to lose but I must put up a good fight.

Cut to Reika and Hiro.

Hiro: I must go and help Weed, for Weed’s father is like my own father in all regards- except for the fact that a) he isn’t my father and b) I barely know him.

Reika: I understand, and am just glad to get some screen time.

Hiro departs.

Musou Mode: The Battle with Kamakiri

Some pointless fighting occurs until Hiro appears on the battlefield and challenges Kamakiri.

Hiro: You killed my father! Now face me in a one-on-one DW style duel!

Kamakiri: You’re ten years too early to face me, boy.

Hiro: That’s what you think. Special Ability number one- Defang!

Hiro feints and rips out Kamakiri’s fangs.

Hiro: Now for my patented finisher- Ball Snatch!

Hiro ‘snatches’ Kamakiri’s testicles.

Hiro: Mmm, haven’t done that for a while.

Kamakiri: How could you do that to me!?

Kamakiri underlings: We’re only nameless minions- even though we outnumber the named characters we should run away.

Kamakiri’s forces run away.

Hiro: Kamakiri, since I am on the side of good, I must not kill you. I will just let you live in pain and humiliation for however long you last, only able to catch rats.

Kamakiri: NOOOOO!!! Worse than any physical loss is the knowledge that I am no longer important to the plot!

Weed’s forces leave Kamakiri behind and head towards the final confrontation…

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  1. Kitsune says:

    “…..” no comment really..but this was funny:


    Kamakiri: NOOOO!!! Worse then any physical loss in the knowledge that I am no longer important in the plot!


    That was frickin’ funny!

  2. RayJ says:

    “my GB senses are tingling!”
    XD this is good stuff lol

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