Ginga Densetsu Weed parody: episode twenty-three

The Weed army returns to base, better known as a snowy patch in the middle of nowhere. Gin, Hiro and Kyoushiro are all weakened.

Weed: I’m sorry, Father, but you aren’t a playable character anymore- you’ll have to wait here. Hiro, Kyoushiro, go and rest at the inn to restore your HP and remove status effects.

Three days pass in the space of about a second. At Hougen HQ, Hougen is assembling his forces.

Hougen: Buruge, Bat, Kite, your units will wait outside Gajou. I will stand at the top here, as befits a commander.

Some Kamakiri underlings return to Gajou.

Hougen: Kamakiri was my fairly loyal underling, but I care nothing for him because I am EVILZ! You could act as reinforcements, but instead I will kill you!

Back at Weed’s snowy patch of nowhere, he is planning the parties for the final battles.

Weed: Since there are three mid-bosses, I’ll need three minor parties to fight them. Party One will be Tesshin and nameless Ninja Dogs; Party Two will be Ken, Kagetora, and nameless brown dogs; Party Three will be Kyoushiro, Hook, Sasuke, and yet more minor dogs. Rocket and Akame have been randomly chosen to attack Hougen with me.

Kyoushiro: Weed, thank you for letting me risk my life for you.

The dogs head to the battlefield. At one point, Kyoushiro’s team must jump a wide crevasse. As the others manage it, Hook, Sasuke, Ben and Cross are left behind.

Ben: I may be old and blind, but once I figure out which direction to run in, I can make it.

Cross: That’s the spirit, although I’m not sure why I’m being allowed to come, since I’m female.

Ben and Cross leap across the crevasse.

Hook: I won’t be outdone! Named character invulnerability- activate!

Hook and Sasuke make the jump.

Sasuke: Now that the writers have remembered me, there is nothing I cannot do.

Jerome watches from afar; he feels a pain in his leg.

Jerome: Even though I could have easily had the bullet in my leg removed, I am now going to suffer pain and paralysis to show that I am a REAL MAN.

The battle begins as the various underling units attack each other and Weed’s party takes a secret route to circumvent the mid-bosses. Kyoushiro’s unit attacks Buruge’s unit, but when he starts losing, he accepts a Dynasty Warriors style one-on-one duel.

Kyoushiro: Special Move- Cross Leap!

Buruge: Copy Move- Cross Leap Remix!

Kyoushiro and Buruge duel for a while.

Kyoushiro: You aren’t bad for a brown dog, but you can’t beat a Destined Hero like me!

Buruge: Think again- my Musou gauge has just filled! Musou part one: Flashback Mode!

A flashback ensues in which Buruge dispatches a dog named Kantarou.

Buruge: Now for Part 2- Shinigami Mode!

Buruge overpowers Kyoushiro, who enters a flashback mode of his own.

Kyoushiro: Weed, even though you aren’t here right now, I’d like to thank you for everything. Without you, I could never have become an important OP character…that’s right, I am an OP character! Powers of Friendship and Plot Necessity, Activate!

Kyoushiro’s HP bar refills, and he gains the strength to defeat Buruge. Meanwhile, Weed’s party has reached Hougen’s position.

DW Message flashes up: “The enemy commander has changed position!”

Weed: HOUGEN!!!!!

Hougen: I have been taking lessons from Niwe- MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


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