Ginga Densetsu Weed parody: episode twenty-four

Hougen jumps down a cliff.

Weed: Akame, you’ll have to stay behind on the main map and serve as the army commander; Rocket and I are going after Hougen.

Rocket and Weed leave the main level to go on their side quest. They soon catch up with Hougen and Kite.

Hougen: Ah Weed, how considerate of you to bring an underling to fight my general. Let’s have two DW-style duels- you and me, and Rocket vs. Kite.

Weed: Fine with me- but first there’s time for a cutscene. Why don’t you explain just what drove you to the path of evil?

Hougen: Gladly. My long-term goal is not to rule over dogs, but to have the power to destroy the humans who have hurt and abused us for so long! Now, duel start!

Battle message flashes onscreen: Ken and Kagetora’s unit has encountered Bat’s unit.

Ken: Another army…

The two duels begin; Rocket attacks Kite, whilst Weed runs from Hougen, waiting for his Musou to fill.

Hougen: You can’t run forever, Weed!

Weed: Then I’ll just have to use my special attack! Battouga!

Weed turns and charges his Battouga.

Hougen: That won’t work on me twice- I’ve magically learned how to defend against it!

Weed changes the angle of his Battouga to prevent Hougen from evading, but is only able to deal minor damage. Hougen falls into one of the series’ many conveniently placed rivers.

Hougen: This isn’t the end, Weed! As a final boss, I have many phases!

Weed is weakened by his attack. Rocket breaks off the duel to check on him, and Kite obligingly stands and watches.

Rocket: Are you okay, Weed?

Weed: Of course- since I’m the destined main character, I have Auto-Life. Kite, why do you serve Hougen and the side of evilz?

Kite: I also hate humans!

Weed: But why? Couldn’t you enter Flashback Mode to explain?

Kite: Flashback mode denied.

Kite attacks; Tesshin appears.

Tesshin: Your opponent is me! Duel start!

Cut back to the main battle. Bat is using his special ability, Mind’s Eye.

Bat: With my ability to see the entire map, I can direct the course of battle and lead those foolish heroes into a trap.

Ken and Kagetora’s team find themselves surrounded by Bat’s forces, but suddenly a new force arrives to save them.

New Allies: This is why Jerome left- so that he could recruit deus ex machina forces to save the day.

Ben and Kurotora go after Bat and initiate a two player co-operative duel with him.

Cut back to Tesshin vs Kite; for some reason a fire has started. Tesshin equips Flaming Branch, and burns the fur off Kite’s front legs. Metal legs are revealed.

Kite: Yes, this is what the humans did to me- they made me into an enhanced Assassin Dog, free from the light mobility of natural legs!

Tesshin equips normal branch and attacks, lodging the branch in Kite’s collar.

Kite: I’m just going to leave this branch stuck here whilst I chase after you!

Kite chases Tesshin through the trees, until the branch jams in a tree, leaving him trapped and barely able to breathe. Tesshin turns back and starts to free him.

Kite: What are you doing?

Tesshin: Even though it was my tactic that just trapped you here, I will now show mercy upon you and set you free- only in that way will you understand the power of love and friendship.

Kite: Yes, yes- I have been evilz all my life, but now I understand!

Cut to Ben and Kurotora vs Bat. Ken and Kagetora walk in on the battle, and Kurotora is downed.

Kurotora: Great, if you hadn’t distracted me, I could have won.

Bat: No one can win against me; my psychic powers are stronger than even the Dragon’s Eye!

Ben: Don’t listen to him; the power of love can always defeat evil!

Ken and Kagetora charge a double attack and defeat Bat.

Bat: So…this is the power of love and friendship. I now see that I have lived my life in error.

Meanwhile, Hougen has found the reserve party of Hiro, Reika and Mel.

Hougen: Reika, honey, I knew I’d find you eventually.

Mel and Hiro attack, but are easily defeated.

Reika: Do what you want to them, but spare me!

Hiro: Reika, what are you saying?

Reika: I’m sorry, Hiro, but I need to pretend to betray you to make Hougen let his guard down. Hougen, these men are weaklings, I need a REAL MAN like you.

Hougen: At last, my needs can be satiated. Come on, Reika, let’s go and have some fun.

Reika goes with Hougen, but once it is clear that his guard is down, she attacks him, knocking them both into yet another river.

Reika: I’m sorry, Hiro, but even though I’m a female, I wanted to get EXP by attacking Hougen!

Hougen: This isn’t over yet- there are still two episodes to go!

To be continued…

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    omg haha XD

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    omg YAY!!

  3. Evian says:

    Kite: Flashback mode denied.


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    I’ve read all of these and laughed so hard. Quote: Come on, Reika, let’s go and have some fun. Unquote. Lol

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