.hack//Roots 10: Guitar strings of destiny

The band arc begins

The cooking competition is over, but Ovan’s troubles are only just beginning. Once he and Naobi played in a band together, but now they have gone their separate ways and formed their own groups. Who will earn the most success, and who will flounder in The World:r2 of music?

The Twilight Brigade

Ovan: Forced to give up his dreams of playing the guitar because of the recording equipment permanently welded to his arm, Ovan decided to become the manager of his own band. In charge of song writing.

Shino: Guitarist; also handles practise sessions and other arrangements when Ovan is too busy (i.e. all the time).

Haseo: Lead singer, recently recruited by Ovan.

Sakisaka: Bassist.

Tabby: Handles all menial tasks and fills in wherever needed; longs to be a vocalist but has more enthusiasm than talent.

Ovan grunty: Mascot.

Gourd: Used to play the gourd for the band, but left to pursue a solo career. Unfortunately, his debut album, “100 Greatest Gourd Themes”, was not the massive hit he had envisioned, leaving him a cynical and embittered man.

B-set: Nicknamed ‘B-side’ by the group, she was the lead singer before Haseo joined, but never really fit in and consequently left.


Naobi: Manager of the group and Ovan’s greatest rival. He plays guitar, mainly to spite Ovan.

Ender: Lead singer. After audience complaints, her live performances are now carried out behind a black wall.

Tawaraya: Drummer (he uses his stomach) and PR man; Naobi often leaves practical issues up to him although lately he has been left out of the loop.

The Fuglies: Backing singers.

Episode 10
Just as it seems as if the Twilight Brigade have found a secluded place in which to practice their latest numbers, Ender and the fuglies show up, and a battle breaks out. Meanwhile, upstairs, the two band managers argue over who can become the most successful before Naobi snaps Ovan’s guitar strings and takes him hostage. Everyone else is forced to retreat.

Back at their base, the Brigade members discuss whether or not they can continue without their manager. Realising that they need his recording equipment, Shino talks to Tawaraya about having Ovan returned, but this only prompts Tawaraya to realise that the band is moving forward without him. Is he just too fat to fit their image?

Omake zone: .hack//Love triangle
Having Shino wasn’t enough for Ovan; he recruited Haseo because he wanted some HARD GAY action too. As it turns out, however, Naobi is interested in Ovan’s body and takes him home for some hard gay furriness. With Ovan out of the picture, will Shino and Haseo cut out the middleman and realise their feelings for each other? Can Shino ever forgive Ovan for his affair with a grunty and the ensuing love child? Find out next time (or maybe not at all) on .hack//Love triangle!

Ovan and Naobi debate over which one of them has the better band.

Naobi snaps Ovan’s guitar strings.

Haseo checks out the venue for the Twilight Brigade’s next gig.

On the stage; Sakisaka practises with an invisible drumkit.

After the concert, the band reviews their performance.

Tawaraya tries to handle all the bookings for TaN.

For a limited time only, free cape with every Easy Bake Arm Oven sold!

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