Meine Liebe Wieder parody: episode three


Duelling class.

Ludwig: My weapon is the most powerful of all.

Ludwig defeats Naoji.

Nicholas: Even with the new rules, the Strahl candidates are still getting their weapons out.


Camus is in the greenhouse, chatting to the flowers. Elmunt enters.

Elmunt: Sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you. Who are you talking to?

Camus: The flowers.

Elmunt: Ah, I see- that’s perfectly normal and not crazy at all.

Camus: Lui told me the same thing! But the flowers are troubled now, for Rosenstolz has been forced into an unnatural state.

Cut to the headmaster’s office. Bernard is chatting with an underling, Eilos.

Bernard: Those Strahl candidates make me sick- just look at their bishie good looks! And that new teacher Gerald is little better- I want you to keep an eye on him.

Eilos: Understood, Headmaster.

Bernard: And while you’re at it, why not send Orpherus and Eduard to see the king? It’ll make them late for class and then we’ll have an excuse to get them expelled.

Orphe and Ed are driven to the palace. After a long wait (as orchestrated by EVILZ underlings), they are admitted into His Majesty’s presence.

Orphe: Your Highness, please explain why there have been so many changes at Rosenstolz. I always thought Kuchen was a country where all men could aspire to the giant penis, er, airship in the sky, the symbol of the love and HARD GAYNESS our country stands for. Why, you yourself used to shock the faculty when you were at the Academy.

King: Difficult times call for difficult measures.

Ed: What is that supposed to mean?

Orphe: Ed!

Underling: His Majesty is feeling tired. Please leave.

Outside the castle, Gerald is waiting in his car.

Orphe: Gerald-sensei!

Gerard: Get in! This was all a plot to make you late for class!


Back at Rosenstolz, Orphe and Ed are conspicuously absent for a class with Eilos.

Eilos: Well, it looks like Orpherus and Eduard won’t be showing up…

Orphe and Ed arrive just in time.

Beruze and Bernard meet out by the lake.

Beruze: I thought I told you never to contact me.

Bernard: Beruze, why can’t we go back to the way things were before? We both made mistakes, but now it’s time to forget-

Bernard tries to place his hand on Beruze’s shoulder, but Beruze walks away.


Beruze: Correction- you were the one who made the mistake. It’s over between us now.

Bernard: Beruze, you know I’d do anything if it meant you would forgive me!

Beruze: Do exactly as I tell you, and I’ll think about it.

To be continued.

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