Meine Liebe Wieder parody: episode six


The ‘inner circle’ finds a letter from Camus.

Orphe: This can’t be right…it says here that Camus has gone back home- that he’s deserted the inner circle!

Collective gasp.

Orphe: Camus, your gentle heart…

Ludwig: …and sweet face…

Orphe: The inner circle cannot be fractured like this just because of the workings of Bernard! Come on, Ed, we must get him back!

Cut to Camus estate. Camus is tending his flowers. His brother Leohart approaches.

Leohart: Camus, I never thought you’d desert the inner circle like this.

Camus: Brother, you don’t understand- I couldn’t be a Flower Otome in such a terrible, heterosexual atmosphere. I had to come back to the place where you taught me the true meaning of love.

Back at Rosenstolz, Bernard hands an unspecified book to Beruze.

Bernard: Beruze, I’m doing everything you asked, can’t you see fit to give me one more chance?

Beruze: Don’t you get it, Bernard- you’re my bitch now. Jump when I tell you, bark when I tell you, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you watch me and Isaac.

Bernard: You are so cruel to me, Beruze- if you’re not careful I’ll betray you in episode 13, part A.

Beruze: Don’t kid yourself, Bernard, you aren’t bishie enough to join the side of good.

Cut to Orphe and Ed meeting with Camus’ brother.

Leohart: I know you’re concerned about Camus, but as a Flower Otome he’s a lot more sensitive than the rest of you. That school of yours is no place for him right now.

Later that evening, Camus dreams of a field of red roses.


Camus: These roses…they aren’t my usual blue and white! And I’m all alone! Lui, where are you?

The next day, Camus tends his flowers when he is pricked by a rose.

Camus: What’s happening? Am I losing my Flower Otome powers?


Camus runs away, only to meet Elmunt.

Camus: Elmunt? Why have you randomly come to my house?

Elmunt: Camus, I wanted to apologise- all I day was say one sentence to you last week in the non parody version and that was enough to make you leave school. Clearly I’m at fault.

Camus: Elmunt, you don’t understand- according to the preview I’ve still got one more episode of angst before I can go back!

Cut to Beruze.

Beruze: Ah, it’s that time again- the point in the episode where I expound upon my evil plans whilst Isaac listens and wrestles with the inner dilemma of whether his friends are more important than following the orders of his lover.

To be continued…

Coming Soon…Meine HiME
Before coming to Rosenstolz Academy, all Orphe wanted was to live an ordinary high school life, but that’s the last thing he’s going to get. It turns out that Orphe is a STraHL (Superior Trained Higher Lifeform), one of a number of men with super-natural powers that are gathered at this school to fight the Orphans, demons that dwell around the school. A secret organization has other plans for the STraHL than just demon-busting and Orphe and the other STraHL will have to risk something precious to protect the ones they love.

STraHL- Child- Most Important Person
Orphe- Kagutsuchi (MIP: believed to be Ed but actually Lui)
Ed- Miroku (MIP: Orphe)
Naoji- Dhuran (MIP: Lui)
Ludwig- Kiyohime (MIP: no one knows until ep12)
Camus- Diana (MIP: Lui)
Isaac- Gakutenoh (MIP: Orphe)
Ishtar- Gennai (MIP: Lui)
Albert- Harry (MIP: Robertine)
Josef- Juliet (MIP: random woman)
Griffith- Vlas (MIP: unknown)

Beruze- Bitter and EVILZ Retaliation Unit Zebra Eggplant
Duke- giant penis (Artemis)

Work in progress, details subject to change without notice. Be sure to look out for this and the sequel, Meine Otome!

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