Meine Liebe Wieder parody: episode seven


Elmunt takes Camus to his humble abode.

Elmunt: Camus, I know it’s early days in our relationship, but I wanted to invite you home to meet my parents- or at least my mother. You see, ours is a poor family, typical lone hardworking mother, earnest son (that’s me) and chirpy younger siblings. Most importantly, though, we have a rose garden!

Camus meets Elmunt’s family and sees the rose garden.

Camus: Roses, what a cruel reminder that my Otome powers are fading…

Elmunt: Camus, there’s something I need to tell you. I’ve loved you for a long time now- ever since I joined the Academy I’ve been watching you from afar.

Flashback to Elmunt and Bartholomew watching the Strahl candidates pass by below.

Bartholomew: Elmunt, it’s no good- no matter how much you pine after Camus, you can never be with him. You just aren’t bishie enough.

Back to the present. Elmunt takes Camus home.

Leohart (Camus’ brother): Camus, what are you doing out so late? Have you been seeing other men behind my back?

Camus: Brother, it’s not like that…

Leohart: I thought you came home so that we could be together again. This behaviour is unacceptable.


Camus: I’m sorry.

Cut to Rosenstolz- Eilos is talking to Bernard.

Eilos: As your evil henchman, I believe it is my duty to remind you not to waver in the course of EVILZ. Turning to the side of good will not earn you Beruze’s love.

Cut to Ludwig’s house. Lui is talking to his mother.

Ludwig: Mother, I’m sorry, but….I need MEN.

Mother breaks down in tears.

The next day, Camus angsts outside Elmunt’s house. Leohart arrives.

Leohart: Camus, what are you doing! I just prised you away from those Strahl bishies, and now you’re angsting after a new man! Come home with me this instant!

Camus takes a few steps away before having a vision of one of Elmunt’s siblings falling out of a tree.

Camus: Brother, I do love you…but you just aren’t bishie enough for me.

Camus runs into Elmunt’s garden. The sibling is in the tree- other sibling and Elmunt are also there.

Camus: Materialise!

Camus saves the sibling with Elmunt’s help.


Camus: I thought I’d lost my Flower Otome powers, but thanks to you, Elmunt, I’ve had a trademark anime reversal of fortune.

Cut to Rosenstolz- the other Strahl candidates welcome Camus back. Lui watches from a staircase above.

Lui (to himself): All is as it should be.

Elmunt is sitting with Daniel and Nicholas.

Daniel: You’ll never be able to compete with them for Camus’ love, you know.

Elmunt: You just don’t understand what it means to be HARD GAY, Daniel. To have spent just one day with Camus is enough to last me a lifetime.

To be continued…

Coming soon- Mobile Suit Gundam Liebe
The war between Earth and the Kuchen space colony has been raging for years, but at long last Kuchen has developed a secret weapon that could turn the tide of battle. Codenamed Project Rozenstolz, their trump card takes the form of five mobile suits piloted by specially trained teenagers- Orphe, Ludwig, Naoji, Ed and Camus. Expect angst, clip shows and much much more as we follow their efforts to put an end to the fighting in no less than fifty episodes.

: a pure-hearted young man with a strong sense of justice, he finds himself torn between his need to protect the innocent and his moral objections to fighting and killing. He pilots the Gorz Gundam.

Ludwig: a pragmatic and highly skilled pilot who thinks nothing of fighting those who oppose his ideals. He pilots the Liechtenstein Gundam, and is the son of an important minister in the Kuchen government.

Naoji: originally born on Earth, Naoji nonetheless fights for Kuchen’s cause. His wish is to end the war as quickly as possible, yet he often finds himself beset with conflicting loyalties on important missions. He pilots the Ishizuki Gundam.

Ed: somewhat hotheaded, Ed is always first to plunge into the midst of battle. His sworn duty is to protect Orphe, and he seems to care little for the bigger picture, shunning politics and falling asleep during the duller parts of mission briefings. He pilots the Braunschweig Gundam.

Camus: a pure and innocent soul, Camus is supposed to have great powers, but no evidence of this is spotted on the battlefield until around episode 48, and he is usually kept back from the front lines. He pilots the Luneburg Gundam.

Isaac: an Earth forces officer, he is chosen to pilot their experimental Cavendish mobile suit. Although he claims to be fully loyal to Earth, he has past ties with Kuchen.

Beruze: the EVILZ commander of the Earth forces, he sees Kuchen as a menace and is determined to bring about the colony’s downfall.

Gerard: a mysterious character who has taken to wearing a mask for that authentic Gundam feel.

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  1. DMJewelle says:

    And yet, Gundam Liebe doesn’t seem so farfetched…

  2. angelicka says:

    omg so funny but its so freakin true this dialogue sounds more real than the one they had

  3. Elisbug says:

    Haha, major probs on the gundam + meine liebe parody!! I love your parodies by the way! =]

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