Meine Liebe Wieder parody: episode eleven

Picking up where episode 10 left off…

Orphe: You- you really love him more? After all we’ve been through together?

Lui: Orpherus, the studio may bill you as the main character but I’m the one the fans love. Don’t expect any sympathy from the audience.

Orphe: Fine, then, I’ll just go back to loyal Ed.

Cut to Ed riding his horse. Gerald approaches him.

Ed: Gerald-sensei!

Gerald: Ed, I’m sure you can’t have failed to notice my bishie good looks, and I know you’ve been dying to ask me those important questions about love. Therefore I put myself at your disposal- with my HARD GAY knowledge, Orphe will never want to stray again.

Ed: Gerald-sensei, how can I ever repay you?

Gerald: Well, you know, I have needs too- just come to my office later and we’ll call it even.

Cut to Isaac.

Isaac: So, I’m going to be a father? I guess I can’t betray Beruze now.

Beruze enters.


Beruze: That’s right, Isaac, for the sake of your unborn child you must stay with me.

Cut to Rosenstolz. Daniel is reporting back to Elmunt and Nicholas.

Daniel: So basically, for no real reason, I’m fighting on the side of good now. I really wish our characters could have been developed more.

Elmunt: Heresy! That would have taken screen time away from the bishie leads.

Cut to the gardens. Orphe and Ed are there.

Orphe: Ed, I can’t thank you enough for soothing my broken heart- but where did you learn those new techniques?


Bernard approaches.

Bernard: Orpherus, Eduard, good to see you enjoying time together. You see, although I have been generally evilz and non-bishie, I know that deep inside me lives the spirit of a HARD GAY bishie.

Cut to Lui’s hiding place. Lui is making unspecified preparations.

Lui: Only someone with hair as luscious as mine can possibly save the day- again.

Cut to the castle. Beruze, Isaac and the non-bishie alliance confront the king.

Beruze: Your Majesty, I’m sure you recognise me from last season, Well, somehow I escaped justice and now I’m back, complete with lackeys!

King: You- what do you want?

Beruze: The nation of Kuchen is far too bishie- I demand that the bishie level be lowered so that my child won’t grow up with an inferiority complex.

King: You fiend!

To be continued…

Coming Soon- Tactics Liebe

Join folklorist Camus and his ogre-eating goblin Lui on their demon busting adventures!

Kantarou = Camus
Haruka = Lui
Sugino = Orphe
Moo-chan = Ed
Youko = Elmunt
Suzu-chan = Naoji
EVILZ demons (Watanabe and woman) = Beruze and Isaac

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  1. DMJewelle says:

    Shouldn’t it be Sugino = Camus and Haruka = Orphe, since they share the same seiyuu even though Camus is more suitable?

  2. Karura says:

    Camus+Lui as Kantarou+Haruka was just too perfect a match not to choose, regardless of VAs.

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