Ginga Densetsu Weed parody: episode twenty-five

The episode opens with a dramatic reconstruction of the end of episode 24.

Hougen: Do we have to do this again? I know she’s going to knock me into the river.

Reika: I won’t be deprived of any time onscreen, even if it is just a flashback!

Reika knocks Hougen into the river again. Hiro and Mel watch from the shore.

Mel: What do we do now? Our HP is low and we can’t act.

Jerome appears.

Jerome: Never fear, my triumphant return is at hand! Jerome Power!

Jerome leaps into the water.

Mini-game digression: Ginga Densetsu Weed Water Panic! Guide your dog down an icy river filled with obstacles and other dogs. Make sure that your dog doesn’t get too cold or run out of oxygen! Choose from 108 playable characters, including twelve different types of brown dog!

Hougen, Reika and Jerome are carried downriver. Reika soon loses consciousness, and Hougen climbs on her body to get out.

Hougen: Gwakakaka- that should further cement my status as the ultimate lord of evil.

Jerome: I need to catch up to Reika- magical hero powers!

Jerome catches up with Reika and prevents her from drowning; both dogs end up clinging to a black rock in the middle of the river just as Weed arrives.

Weed: Just wait there in the middle of the freezing river for a moment, would you?

Weed equips a log and uses it to rescue Jerome and Reika.

Weed: Jerome, I’m the main character so I’ll go after Hougen

Jerome: Now that I’m on dry land again, I can use my special ability- Summon Allies! Now my allies will appear so that I can leave Reika in their care!

Cut to the main battle- Hougen forces vs. Akame leading the Ohu forces of good.

Battle message: The Ohu forces are gaining morale!

Some brown dogs kill each other; the named characters gather together.

Kyoushiro: Let’s leave the main battle to the unimportant characters and join Weed’s party for the final boss battle.

Meanwhile, Hougen is wandering around when he finds a stray member of his forces.

Hougen: Ah, here’s a random dog that bears a striking resemblance to me. Underling, wander around here and confuse the enemy.

Back at the hotspring, GB is guarding Gin when Kite, Buruge and Bat appear.

GB: Generals of evil, even though I am a low level dog and completely useless in battle, I will fight you!

Sasuke appears.

Sasuke: GB, it’s okay, they’ve seen the error of their ways and switched to the side of good.

Kite: I think I speak for all of us when I say that, although we have been unspeakably evil all our lives, it took only a few minutes to sway us to the side of good.

Buruge: We have finally come to understand the merits of love and friendship over evil and inevitable defeat.

GB: It might be too late to use you as playable characters, but at least you can go on the stone tablet now.

Switch to Hougen. Weed has gone after the underling, but Jerome is on the trail of Hougen himself. Meanwhile, GB randomly spots Hougen whilst wandering around.

GB: Hougen is much stronger than me, but I’m a named character from the OP! If I want to prove myself, it’s now or never!

GB attacks and fails. Jerome arrives.

Hougen: Who are you?

Jerome: Don’t you watch the OP? I’m Jerome!

Hougen: Oh, that Jerome- now I see the resemblance.

Jerome begins attacking Hougen.

Haven’t you read the script, you idiot? Only the main character can defeat me!

Jerome: I have to try anyway- it’s the only way for me to get some screen time!

Jerome fights bravely, but Hougen manages to overpower him.

Jerome: Damn this bullet in my leg, why did I have to be a real man and insist that it was left in?

Hougen: Poetic justice finisher! River toss!

Hougen tosses Jerome in the river. Weed arrives and jumps in after him.

Weed: Sorry, Hougen, but we can’t conclude our battle until next episode!

Jerome: Weed, why are you coming after me after all I’ve done- or rather, the one thing I did many episodes ago?

Weed: Jerome, it doesn’t matter what you do- you cannot sever the ties of friendship that destined main characters share!

Weed and Jerome flow downriver together and get trapped under a thick sheet of ice.

Hougen: Even though I’m destined to lose, I might as well return to the main battle for now.

In the freezing water, Weed’s body temperature drops rapidly.

Jerome: Weed, as the main character, you cannot die in the penultimate episode! Since I have committed many necessary evils in my life, the time has come for me to pay by sacrificing my life for yours!

Jerome does his utmost to keep Weed safe before letting himself drift away with the current.

Jerome: Named dogs briefly seen in episode four, I am coming to join you in the afterlife, better known as heck.

Whilst hunting around on the surface, Kyoushiro and the others pick up Weed’s scent. They dig a hole through the ice and find him.

Kyoushiro: Weed! At last we’ve found you and can join the main character’s party for the final battle.

Cut to Jerome.

Jerome: My final wish is that my fanbase is crying for me right now…well, don’t think that I wouldn’t settle for miraculously surviving this as well.

Only one more episode (and thus one more parody) remains! Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of Ginga Densetsu Weed!

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  1. Evian says:

    Choose from 108 playable characters, including twelve different types of brown dog!

    I love your parodies! I’ve been cracking up all evening!

  2. Karura says:

    Thanks for all your feedback on the parodies; some of the small mistakes you pointed out on the others were just due to the fact that I was watching the series for the first time as I wrote these. I’ll leave the parodies as they are for now, but when I’m next in a editing mood I’ll correct anything that doesn’t radically alter the integrity of the original.

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