Tuesday Rumble: August 29th

As if one weekly feature wasn’t enough, I’ve decided to introduce the Weekly Round-Up’s opposite number, which ended up being named “Tuesday Rumble” through lack of a better title. To clarify just what this entails, this is an ‘experimental’ section of the blog that will bring together the random thoughts and observations that weren’t fully formed enough to deserve a post of their own. Since I ran out of time whilst writing this am testing the waters for this feature, this first entry will be a touch on the brief side.


Bug Master
Mushishi has picked up a bit of momentum recently- there’s the live-action movie, Del Rey’s upcoming release of the manga, and now FUNimation have registered the domain name Mushishi.tv. Under such conditions, I couldn’t help but create “Bug Master”, a 4Kids-style Americanised version of the show.

Play OP: the Bug Rap (He’s a Bug Master, it’s his destiny, fighting Bugs, for you and me!)

Ginko is chillin’ at the beach (lollipop in mouth) when a friend approaches.

Friend: Yo, Ginko, whatcha doin’?

Ginko: Just hanging out. What’s up?

Friend: Some crazy chick says she saw a Bug downtown!

Ginko: A bug! Holy cheese, the whole darn city could be in danger!

Ginko gets on his motorbike and heads downtown.

Weekly Awards

Crossover of the week: Aria-Black Lagoon may sound like the unlikeliest of combinations, but the evidence to support it is mounting. Based on the screencap evidence pictured below, we can deduce that at least part of the second season of Black Lagoon will take place on Aqua, forcing Revy to face her toughest opponent yet- a gun-toting President Aria.

Uncanny resemblances: Aika-Revy and a cameo from Roberta, the killer maid.

Stalker of the week: Who could it be other than Honey and Clover’s Mayama? Once, he was a rounded and believable character, but now he pours all his time and energy into tracking Rika with the dedication of an Alias agent.


Cheesy J-pop theme of the week: Utawarerumono sweeps the awards this week with OP Musou Uta and ED Madoromi no Rinne. Runners-up include Hikari no Silhouette, Shounen Humming (Zettai Shounen) and Innocent Starter (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha).

Fat Cat of the Week: Stratos 4’s The Admiral and Mai-Otome’s Mikoto made a good effort, but they literally couldn’t weigh in against the might of Aria’s own President Aria; where the others get short-changed on screen time, Aria is not only the president of his own company, but the series itself is named after him.

Health experts do not recommend the use of fat cats as alarm clocks.

Upcoming features- series I may get around to blogging

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin parody: The indecision is over, and that means I’ll be making a stab at parodying the 1986 series Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (the prequel to Ginga Densetsu Weed).

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Inspired by Hopeless’ pictorial guides, I’ll be shamelessly stealing his idea in order to highlight the cheesiest lines and most unintentionally hilarious moments of ROTK, starting from episode 17 (it would take a stronger person than I to go back through 1-16 and take the necessary screencaps).

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  1. Martin says:

    “Bug Master”

    *Shudders* Don’t joke, it could happen!

    Seriously though, the thought of the manga hitting our shelves is something to look forward to while we await Funimation clearing up the issue of the anime’s licence.

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