Utawarerumono parody episode 6


Hakuoro here. Thanks to Oboro’s cooperation, I have successfully integrated Yuzuha into my harem, but now I must tread carefully. With three girls, the task of keeping a high relationship score with all of them becomes that much more difficult, and thus I must take some time to work on them all before proceeding with my plan to overthrow Afro-Emperor Inkara.

At Inkara’s castle, Nuwangi taunts Kurou.

Nuwangi: You look tense, Kurou- is Benawi not giving you enough HARD GAY?

Kurou: At least some of us don’t have to service Inkara.

Nuwangi: I may have to sleep with my fat uncle, but I can always relieve my frustrations by destroying a few more villages.

Benawi arrives.

Benawi: Just why are we destroying villages and turning the populace against us anyway?

Kurou: It’s okay, Benawi, we’ll turn to the side of good soon enough.

Meanwhile, at Hakuoro’s keep, refugees continue to arrive.

Refugees: Please take us in.

Hakuoro: I am happy to do so, but you must obey two conditions. Firstly, all attractive females must be handed over to me, and secondly, all men must become HARD GAY.

Refugee: Of course! We’ll do anything!

Later, Hakuoro, Teoro and Oboro are in a meeting when a suspicious person is captured and brought to them. It turns out to be a merchant.

Merchant: I have come here to peddle my exotic wares!

(Hakuoro: Did he say erotic wares? This is just the opportunity I need to solidify my relationship with the girls.)

Hakuoro invites Aruruu and Eruruu to survey the merchant’s wares. Oboro, Dorii and Guraa also look at the items on offer.

Oboro: Do you cater to HARD GAY tastes as well?

Hakuoro: Silence, Oboro! I will not spend our gold reserves on HARD GAY items.

Unable to shift his HARD GAY selection, the merchant visits Benawi, who buys the lot.

In short order, Hakuoro begins planning further attacks on Inkara’s forces.

(Hakuoro: If I am to create the ultimate harem, I will certainly need a country of my own.)

Hakuoro: We must defeat Inkara in order to bring justice and freedom to the oppressed populace, and not at all because I want to sleep with more girls.

That evening, Hakuoro and Oboro lead an attack on Benawi’s forces. At first, it seems as if Benawi and Kurou have got the upper hand.

Benawi: I must fight you and uphold this country’s traditions of HARD GAY!

Hakuoro: Benawi, please don’t think there isn’t room for HARD GAY in my regime! In fact, I require all men under my command to give up their desire for women!

Hakuoro’s backup forces arrive and save the day. Benawi’s squad is routed.

(Hakuoro: Benawi must learn better than to go up against the main character.)

As Hakuoro’s forces celebrate victory, Eruruu and Aruruu stand together.

Aruruu: Sister, I’m worried that Daddy won’t have time for us once he gets more women.

Eruruu: I am worried too, Aru, but I will do my utmost to make sure that we are always given a secure position in Hakuoro-sama’s harem.

On his return to Inkara’s castle, Benawi receives a less than warm welcome.

Inkara: How dare a failure like you come back here? You will never be given again be given the privilege of warming my bed at night- Nuwangi is all I need now!

Nuwangi: But uncle…my new wang can’t take much more…and I wanted to have it in top condition for Eruruu…

Inkara: Silence, I am the emperor here- and since I am doomed to be defeated next episode, I must do what I want whilst I still can!

Benawi is imprisoned- can Hakuoro’s team of named and playable heroes save him? Find out next time!

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