.hack//Roots 23: The Truth Comes Out

Much as they’ve tried to keep it hidden, the truth had to come out eventually- Hideo is the illicit lovechild of Tabby and Haseo. Although Tabby officially has custody of him, she tries to encourage Haseo to take an active part in his son’s life- but will he want to participate in such a blatant reminder of his pre-HARD GAY lifestyle? Meanwhile, Yata invests in a cable upgrade so that he can enjoy some new channels.

Tabby and Hideo anxiously await Haseo’s arrival at the family meeting.

Haseo flatly refuses to have anything to do with Hideo, telling her that current boyfriend Seisaku can take responsibility.

After the aborted meeting, Haseo decides to work off some frustration by picking a fight with “Piney Acorn”, the infamous son of a human and a grunty food.

Haseo proudly raises the symbol of HARD GAY aloft for all to see.

Yata enjoys the advantages offered by his new widescreen setup.

Eager to show off his new TV and cable upgrade, Yata invites Kuhn over. Pai takes the opportunity to ask when she will be receiving the next payment for her Hyper Self Pleasure tutorials.

Yata, Pai and Kuhn go indoors to catch the latest episode of Tabby Sentai.

Tabby checks in with her handler, Kuhn, and admits that it isn’t easy juggling work and her duties as a single mother.

Meanwhile, Haseo decides to relaunch his career by accepting roles in martial arts movies.

Piro is embarrassed when Phyllo makes a home visit to renew his HARD GAY club membership.

Yata takes advantage of the new movie channels to watch Kuhn in a remake of Braveheart.

Tabby Sentai’s latest mission is interrupted when it turns out that Haseo has booked the same location for the filming of his latest action flick.

During a break in filming, Tabby tries to take Hideo to see his father.

Hideo is disappointed when it becomes clear Haseo has no time for him.

Touta drops by to offer Piro some HARD GAY.

Director Saburo calls a wrap on the filming of Haseo’s movie.

Bordeaux arrives to tell Touta that the next round of HARD GAY vs. HARD YURI will be starting any day now.

With that in mind, Touta visits Phyllo for advice on how to combat HARD YURI.

Seisaku promises that, no matter what happens with Haseo, he will always be there for Tabby and Hideo.

Nonetheless, Tabby decides to give Haseo one last chance to be a part of her and Hideo’s lives.

Haseo declines, pointing out that unfamiliar features like breasts are why he feels uncomfortable around women.

Free from Tabby’s pestering, Haseo gets down to the important business of deciding what sort of drugs and adult tapes he can afford with the money from his movie.

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6 Responses to .hack//Roots 23: The Truth Comes Out

  1. Tani says:

    Totally awesome!! I was killing myself with laughter. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. weeee says:

    This is great. Love children and ovens to HARD GAY and HARD YURI. Go HY!

  3. unknow says:

    well i actually belived this was what happened in that episode lmao! oh well it was fun i guess

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  5. someone:D says:

    ROFLMAO. that was sooo funny^^

    heyy, is Hideo really Haseo’s son? haha. sorry that was a stupid question/=D

  6. LGLameGadget says:

    Nice job C:

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