Harukanaru Toki no Naka De parody episode 8


Fuji-hime is talking to Tomomasa and Yasuaki.

Fuji: Now that we’ve gone to all the effort of finding five of the eight Hachiyou, I thought I’d mention this vague phrase that might help us locate the rest.

Fuji recites the phrase.

Yasuaki: Ah yes, from that vague sentence, I can construct wonderfully non-specific clues that will help us track down the last three Hachiyou.

After the clues are constructed, Yasuaki and Tomomasa leave.

Yasuaki: Tomomasa, you don’t seem to like me very much. Am I not your type?

Tomomasa: I’m afraid I already have one green-haired lover- I don’t need another. As for this whole Hachiyou thing, even though I’m clearly a destined bishounen, why should I care? I mean, all that’s going to happen is that the world I live in will be destroyed.

Kotengu appears, and flies towards Yasuaki.

Kotengu: Yasuaki, I’m sick of being in this chibi form! Turn me back to normal!

Yasuaki: Sorry, but you’re just a comic relief character- you’ll have to stay like this until we need your powers in battle later on.

Outside, Inori is delivering swords when Kotengu inexplicably comes flying through the air and hits him in the face. As Kotengu tries to fly away, Inori holds onto him.

Kotengu: What do you want, forehead-boy?

Inori: Now look, I may not be as bishie as the other named characters, but I’m also the hot-headed one- so don’t call me names!

Kotengu and Inori argue until Akane comes out and persuades Inori to let Kotengu go.

Inori: Akane, we’ve just met, but I sense that you are a main character, so allow me to tell you my life story. My parents passed away, and I live with my sister; a sad tale perhaps, but then again generics are dying all the time in Kyou. It’s all because of those damned demons. I hate the demons.

Shimon approaches.

Inori: Blonde hair, blue eyes- you must be a demon! I immediately hate you, even though we have only just met.

Shimon: Wait…I’m not a demon, just a blonde shota!

Inori: Nonsense, with those looks you must be a demon! All demons have blonde hair and blue eyes, just like Shirin, who is a brunette. Demons are responsible for all the wrongs in Kyou- they even make random children cry over brown logs!

Shimon: No, I…

Inori: Shut up! Akane may have known you for much longer than I have, but I can instantly see that you have been deceiving her!

Inori goes to hit Shimon, who cowers. Akane blocks the way.

Akane: You are too weak to fight, Shimon, so just go home.

Shimon runs home.

Inori: How could you defend a demon? You’re the main character.

As Akane tries to explain, Shirin teleports in.

Shirin: Never fear, Shirin’s here! Now let’s have a quick flashback to remind viewers of the evils I committed last time.

A flashback sequence of key scenes from Shirin’s last appearance is seen.

Shirin: I may have failed that time, but this time my blundering and illogical actions will lead to success!

Shirin uses some kind of magic dust to paralyse Akane and Inori in the midst of a white fog. She then summons a rose and launches it at Akane, slicing open Akane’s sleeve.

Shirin: Fabrics of the world, fear my amazing cutting abilities! Now I shall slowly walk towards you whilst talking, thus allowing plenty of time for something to go wrong.

Inori: Destined named character powers, let me inexplicably break free from this paralysing mist!

Inori does so, causing the mist to dissipate. He lunges at Shirin, who is forced to withdraw to the river!

Shirin: That does it! Take this!

Shirin transforms a rose into a vine whip, and slices open Inori’s left trouser leg!

Inori: Damn you! That was my best pair of trousers!

Shirin: Well, in that case, allow me to do this!

Shirin waves the whip a few more times, ripping open more holes in Inori’s clothes.

Shirin: You should fear the demon clan- just see how easily we can rip open clothing! Soon, everyone will have to go naked!

Inori: That does it! I’m going to walk towards you very slowly now!

Shirin: I should have done this in the first place, but now I shall get serious and launch my energy ball!

Shirin fires and energy blast at Inori, knocking him down. He sees a vision of his crying sister and is re-energised. He gets up just as Shirin is slowly strangling Akane with the vine whip.

Shirin: See how slowly I am strangling her, giving you plenty of time to thwart my plans!

Inori: Siscon power, give me strength!

A gem appears on Inori’s forehead and he starts burning with destined power.


Inori launches fireballs at Shirin, severing the vine whip and causing the demoness to retreat. The voices of generics are heard.

Shirin: Damn, it’s getting towards the end of the episode. I had better teleport away.

Shirin departs. Inori runs over to check on Akane.

Akane: Inori, you were a named semi-bishie with a colourful character design…who would have guessed you were a Hachiyou?

Inori carries Akane home, whilst Shirin returns to the demon lair. Young blonde demon Sefuru is waiting for her.

Sefuru: So, Shirin, you failed again. I guess that means that next time it’s my turn to arrange the monster of the week.

Back at the manor, Shimon seems depressed.

Shimon: Akane, if I hadn’t run away, perhaps you wouldn’t have been put in danger.

Akane: Don’t be silly, Shimon, running away was the right thing to do. After all, you’re so weak that if you stayed, you’d only be in the way.

To be continued…

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