Harukanaru Toki no Naka De parody episode 10


Akane’s consciousness drifts in a blue formless world. Akram appears.

Akram: I can see my lure still proves irresistible, for you came to this strange blue place just to see me.

Akane: No, that doesn’t even make sense.

Akram: Foolish girl, my bishiness is so great that the normal rules of logic don’t even apply to me.

Eisen talks to his brother, the Emperor.

Emperor: Brother, I am worried. Now that the Ryuujin no Miko has appeared, I fear that you may become one of her destined bishounen and leave me behind.

Eisen: No matter what happens, Brother, I will always be HARD GAY for you.

Elsewhere, the other Hachiyou continue to talk to Sefuru. Yorihisa draws his katana.

Sefuru: Wait, you can’t kill me! I’m a named character too, you know!

Akram’s lieutenant, Ikutidal, materialises in a sea of fog.

Sefuru: Why are you here, Ikutidal? It’s still my turn to cause trouble for the main characters.

Ikutidal: Even though I am a powerful swordsman who could easily take you all on, today I’m just here to pick up my countryman, go home, and wait for you heroes to solve this week’s dilemma.

Sefuru: I’m sorry, I can’t go with you- as you can see, I’m trapped by invisible chains.

Ikutidal: Oh well, in that case, I might as well sabotage everything you’ve done by advising these men not to sacrifice their lives. In fact, what you all need to do is hand the Miko over to master Akram so that she become his love slave.

Inori: Never! Demons are evil!

Inori tries to attack Genji, who easily catches the blow and throws him back.

Ikutidal: As you can see, we demons are far stronger than you humans- that’s why we have to take special pains in order to ensure we lose to you every single week.

Ikutidal releases Sefuru from the spell chains (which are inexplicably silver now), and the two demons teleport away.

Ikutidal: I may be teleporting away right now, but I’ll fight you properly when my turn comes!

Back at the manor, Yasuaki and Tomomasa discuss Ikutidal’s words.

Yasuaki: The demon is right, there’s no point having important characters such as ourselves risking our lives. Instead, we should get the undiscovered Kan Hachiyou to kill himself.

Yasuaki gets up and leaves just as Takamichi stops by.

(Tomomasa: What great timing; Perhaps I can get some HARD GAY.)

Takamichi: I’m pleased to announce that after an entire episode of research, I have finally deduced the identity of the seventh Hachiyou, the very one we need for this storyline. I believe it may well be none other than Eisen.

(Takamichi: No one must suspect that I just looked at the OP to identify him and spent the rest of the time relaxing.)

Eisen just happens to be thinking about his past.

(Eisen: After it was discovered that my brother and I were enjoying an incestuous HARD GAY relationship, I knew I could not stay at the palace and endure the scandal. Instead, I fled to solitude and self-pleasure at the temple, with occasional visits home.)

Tomomasa arrives.

Tomomasa: Eisen-sama, we need to talk.

(Eisen: Tomomasa is well known for his love of HARD GAY. Although I will feel bad about betraying Brother, perhaps the time has come to sample a new partner.)

Tomomasa: Eisen, you must die so that I, er, I mean Akane and the other Hachiyou, can continue to live and get the screen time we deserve. As payment, I will allow you to be HARD GAY with me before you sacrifice your life.

Eisen: Sounds good- count me in.

Tomomasa takes Eisen back to the manor.

Tomomasa: You know, Eisen, you actually look like quite an interesting HARD GAY partner, and I’ve heard reports from the Emperor that you are indeed very skill. Therefore, although Takamichi doesn’t like it when I stray from him, I’d like you to see if you can survive this.

(Eisen: I guess I will survive whatever I do, I mean, I am in the OP.)

Eisen goes to see Akane.

(Tenma: Oh great, Akane’s got yet another man now.)

Tomomasa: Are you jealous, Takamichi?

Takamichi: Actually, I’m quite intrigued by Eisen myself.

Eisen goes to the cursed instrument, but before he can kill himself, Fuji appears.

Fuji: I have been neglecting my exposition duties lately, but now that I’m here, I shall do my part in conveniently saving your life. First, though, you must go to Shinsenen.

Eisen: Hmm, you could have just clearly told me what to do, but from your vague and cryptic clue I immediately understand what you were getting at. Now I’ll just run off by myself, because that will cause far less trouble than letting everyone know where I am and what I’m trying to do.

Outside, the other Hachiyou wonder why Eisen is taking so long.

Tenma: Is he dead yet? I want my Akane back!

Eisen runs off to the lake.

Eisen: So, if I play the kin in the water, the frequency of the deadly notes will be changed, and I will survive. I knew there would be an incredibly simple way out, especially as my new prospective HARD GAY partners have given me a fresh love of life.

Eisen plucks a string and the evil causes a water snake to rise up out of the lake. Fortunately, Yasuaki is there.

Yasuaki: Since you seem like a generally weak and useless type, Eisen, I thought I had better come along too.

Yasuaki holds the snake back so that Eisen can continue, whilst the other Hachiyou arrive on the scene. Finally, Eisen finds the evil eighth string.

Eisen: Yasuaki, I know you are stronger than me, but this is my episode, so please stand aside and let me handle it!

Yasuaki: Very well then, I suppose the plot will guide you.

Eisen: Mysterious Inexplicable Powers!

Eisen is able to see a round ball representing the soul of the generic that died when he played the kin. He lifts it out of the water and lets it ascend to heaven.

Eisen: What a strange feeling…to be useful to the plot for the first time.

As night instantly turns to morning, Akane wakes up. As the Hachiyou run off to see her, Tenma picks up a ring that once belonged to his sister. Oh no, the drama!

To be continued…

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  1. Kantarou says:

    I like your harukanaru toki no Naka parodies very very much ^O^|>
    they are really funny an I enjoy to read it. Please go on with writting.


  2. Karura says:

    Thanks, Kantarou; I’ll definitely be parodying the rest of the Haruka TV series over the next few weeks- hopefully you’ll enjoy the second half of the series in parody form.

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