Harukanaru Toki no Naka De parody episode 22


Akram stands in front of the sealed Four Gods.

Akram: Hmm, episode twenty-two…I suppose it’s about time I did something. Black Dragon, come to me!

Tenma is visiting Ran, who suddenly becomes silent and distant for a moment.

Tenma: Don’t scare me like that, Ran. For a moment I thought you might try to leave me again.

Ran: Why do you need me, anyway? You neglect me for episodes on end now that you have Akane.

Tenma: It’s not that I particularly care about you anymore; it’s just a matter of principle. I don’t want anyone else having my little sister. Now, you just stay here at home like a good woman whilst I go out and do MANLY things.

At the manor, Akane, Shimon, Inori and Fuji look at the Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Shimon and Inori try to release their HARD GAY powers.

Akane: Please don’t do that here. Anyway, it only works when I’m the catalyst.

Akane’s cellphone starts ringing. She picks it up, but it cuts off.

Fuji: It’s getting towards the end of the series- that means you’re moving closer to your own world.

Akane: That’s convenient.

Eisen arrives.

Eisen: Miko, it’s time to start looking for the last Yu-Gi-Oh card. I want to forge a HARD GAY connection too.

Akane: Okay, but we have to find Yasuaki first, since you won’t be useful on your own.

Akane and Eisen go to Yasuaki’s house, but he isn’t there.

Eisen: How rude of Yasuaki not to wait here in case we randomly came to his house.

Akane: Ran isn’t here either- she isn’t important enough to ever leave the house.

Akane looks around and finds Ran, but when she approaches, Ran slaps her.

Ran: It’s not fair! You got to be the main character and get all those bishies attending to you, whilst I always have to be alone!

(Akane: Oh no, she’s starting to remember.)

Ran: You even got a less generic character design than I did! I hate you!

(Akane: I can’t deal with this by myself!)

Akane runs off. Eisen catches up with her.

Akane: It just isn’t fair. Ran is only supposed to be a minor character, but she always wants to take my place.

Tenma arrives.

Tenma: Akane, how dare you stay out so late with another man? Just because I’m HARD GAY now doesn’t mean that you can start acting like you aren’t my possession.

Eisen excuses himself.

Tenma: So, what were you talking about with Eisen? I want to know everything you did while you were out.

Later, Akane talks to Shimon.

Shimon: I just thought I should get some angst in while I have the chance. You see, when I go home, I won’t have to worry about being called a demon anymore, but what about my good friend Sefuru? He tried to set me up and kill my friends, but I know his intentions aren’t really bad- he’s just misunderstood.

Meanwhile, Ran enters evil mode and leaves Yasuaki’s house. Kotengu spots her.

Ran: I am evil- Butterfly Attack!

Ran attacks Kotengu with her 1 HP butterflies.

The next day, Tenma is practising with a ‘pole’ in front of Yorihisa when Kotengu randomly hurtles through the air and lands at his feet.

Tenma: Not again. You know, if you want to be a comedy character, you should find some new material.

A generic suddenly arrives.

Generic: Bad news! The generic Minister of the Left has been attacked by demons!

Tenma: Oh no, we need to do something.

Akane: I’ll come too.

Tenma: How many times do I need to tell you that women stay at home?

Yorihisa and Tenma leave, whilst Akane stays with Fuji.

(Fuji: Alone with the Priestess at last- perhaps I can finally get some HARD YURI.)

Later, Kotengu finally drags himself over to Akane.

Kotengu: Akane, it would have messed up the plot if I’d been able to tell you earlier, but Ran is evil again now.

Akane: I’d better go and do something about this before she tries to become the main character again.

Meanwhile, tentacles of evil are attacking the Minister of the Left’s carriage. Generics try to stop it.

Generics: Help, we’re too generic to be of any use!

Yorihisa and Tenma arrive, but do little to help. The tentacles are finally dispelled by one of Yasuaki’s seals.

Yasuaki: I think you’ll both agree that I’m the most useful member of the cast.

Tenma: Take that back! I’m useful too.

Tomomasa arrives.

Tomomasa: Tenma, all you do is tell Akane to stay at home. Don’t you realise that we need her to use Cheer in order to level up our HARD GAY?

Takamichi is wandering around. Unbeknownst to him, Shirin is watching.

Shirin: Takamichi, I haven’t given up on my plan to make you relinquish HARD GAY.

Ran continues to create 1 HP butterflies at a random location, but Akane comes over and purifies them.

Ran: Stop interfering with me!

Akane: Don’t you get it yet? If you were meant to be the main character, your powers wouldn’t be so weak and useless!

Ran: I guess you’re right; you are a good person who is surrounded by bishies, whereas I can only be dark and evil.

Akane: Well, at least you understand that now.

Ran: I’m sorry, Akane. I promise not to hurt you for at least five minutes.

Akane and Ran talk for a while, before Akram appears.

Akram: Now, now, Ran, don’t go soft on me. Evil Ray!

Akram fires a blast of dark energy that turns Ran evil again. She attacks Akane and steals the two Yu-Gi-Oh cards she has with her.

Akane: Ran!

Akram: You should feel privileged to see my powers; after all, I usually leave things to my pathetic underlings!

Akram starts to take Ran away just as Tomomasa, Yasuaki, Tenma and Yorihisa arrive. Shirin appears in front of them.

Shirin: Master, I played a little bondage game with Takamichi and stole his Yu-Gi-Oh card!

Akram takes the Yu-Gi-Oh card but otherwise ignores Shirin.

Shirin: Master!

Akram and Ran teleport away.

Shirin: Master…

Yorihisa: Well, I guess your time with the side of evil is done.

Shirin: I shall always support the Master! He has the Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and with them, his vague and inconsistent plan is nearly complete.

Yasuaki: Not quite. We still have one more Yu-Gi-Oh card to uncover.

Shirin: Don’t make me laugh. You aren’t nearly HARD GAY enough to find a Yu-Gi-Oh card.

Shirin teleports away.

To be continued…

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