Harukanaru Toki no Naka De parody episode 24


A red moon of evil shines over Kyou. Akram, Ikutidal and Sefuru watch as Ran infects the three stolen Yu-Gi-Oh cards with the power of darkness.

Akram: Gwakakaka, with this latest plan we demons shall surely gain control over the Four Gods that we stole ages ago. Kyou will be ours, and nothing can stop us…except perhaps the Ryuujin no Miko and her eight destined bishounen.

Yasuaki talks to his master, Abe no Seimei.

Seimei: Yes, I have screen time again, for I must arrange some rain ceremony that has suddenly become important to the plot.

Yasuaki: Master, I must protect the Miko, for I have realised that I am the only vaguely competent Hachiyou.

Some budget-saving stills of generics having a hard time are seen. Inori wanders around, and sees two children fighting over food. One snatches the brownish root away, leaving the other hungry. Inori gives him some biscuits.

Inori: Don’t worry, in another few episodes, everything will be all right again.

(Inori: Hmm, it has only just occurred to me that beating up demons might not really help to make everything magically okay again.)

Eisen walks through the palace grounds, and thinks back to a conversation with his brother.

Eisen: Brother, since I am a main character, I must leave you for a while in order to free the Four Gods.

Brother: I hope you can return to a normal life soon, for I have missed our HARD GAY sessions.

Eisen: Now that I have met other partners, I do not know if I can ever go back to that.

That evening, Fuji and Akane are alone together. Fuji gives Akane a gift.

(Fuji: If only I could pluck up the courage to ask her for some HARD YURI!)

The next day, Inori randomly goes to a deserted house.

Inori: Ikutidal, come out at once! I know you have nothing better to do than hang around waiting to teleport to my location!

Ikutidal appears.

Ikutidal: How did you know?

Inori: I know I just called me here, but why did you answer and leave my sister behind?

Ikutidal: She is in a safe, offscreen location.

Inori: Ikutidal, you have to betray your fellow demons and tell me how to get to Akram and Ran before it’s too late!

Ikutidal: I’m sorry, but even though I seem to switch sides quite often, I can’t betray my inconsistent loyalty to my master. Farewell.

Ikutidal teleports away.

At the manor, Fuji talks to Akane again.

Fuji: The future of Kyou hangs in the balance, and as no one has sent me the script for the next two episodes, I don’t know how it will turn out.

Akane: Fuji-hime, I hate to break it to you, but there is no script. We’re just making it up as we go along.

Fuji: You know, you might be right about that.

That evening, some of the Hachiyou gather together for a HARD GAY meeting.

Tomomasa: We must all protect Akane, because she is the catalyst for our HARD GAY.

Tenma: If you all want to be REAL MEN, you should stop relying on women- and besides, Akane is mine. I don’t want anyone else using her.

Yorihisa: Even so, we still need the Yu-Gi-Oh card that she is holding.

Tenma: Good point. Whipping Boy Shimon, you can go and get it.

Shimon goes to visit Akane. He shows her some paintings.

Akane: Wow, these random paintings are really pretty. I might as well look at them, since I haven’t got anything else to worry about.

Shimon: Akane, I want to thank you for becoming my first friend, and introducing me to Tenma. As long as I am his whipping boy, I know that he is the only one who is allowed to beat me up- the other bullies leave me alone.

Akane: Shimon-kun…

Shimon: I hope that when we fight the demons, we’ll be able to save them somehow- especially my good friend Sefuru.

Akane: You’re right- I’m sure that my destiny is not only to save the people of Kyou, but also the demons that have been trying so hard to kill them.

At Akram’s lair, the ceremony to infect the Yu-Gi-Oh cards with darkness continues.

Akram: It has taken all episode, but at long last they are a nice shade of black. Luckily, I have already abandoned Shirin, so the three of you can have one Dark Yu-Gi-Oh card each. I won’t ask where Ikutidal randomly teleported to earlier.

Dark Yu-Gi-Oh cards appear before Ran, Sefuru and Ikutidal; they teleport to their boss fight positions. At the manor, Akane senses the evil and goes outside.

Yasuaki: Ah, Miko, there you are. Shimon was supposed to be getting it from you, but since he is incompetent, I may as well directly ask if you wouldn’t mind handing over our Yu-Gi-Oh card.

Akane hands the card over to Yasuaki and Eisen.

Yasuaki: Excellent, now our HARD GAY will be amplified.

Yasuaki and Eisen leave just as Akane notices that Tenma and Yorihisa are going out as well.

Akane: Where are you going?

Yorihisa: Oh, we’re just heading out to fight the demons and save Kyou. You stay here and let the men handle it.

Yorihisa and Tenma leave. Takamichi is seen under a blanket, with his hair down.

Takamichi: Tomomasa has been tiring me out with all his HARD GAY, but I must gather my strength for the final battle.

Sefuru, Ikutidal and Ran reach their final boss positions, and summon Dark Seiryu, Dark Suzaku and Dark Byakko. Eisen and Yasuaki see the Dark Gods in the sky.

Eisen: It looks like the boss fights are all ready and waiting for us.

Meanwhile, Seimei is standing around with generic priests as part of the rain ceremony. Akram appears.

Akram: My name is Akram. Since I am much better looking than any of you, I am here to take control of Kyou. Magical Wind Powers that I never bothered to use before!

Akram sucks all the priests into some kind of warp.

To be continued…

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