Kanon Harem Diaries Part 2

Entry Two

It has been a busy day for me. My first day at school revealed more prospects for the harem, but aside from Nayuki, I was not really given the opportunity to work on any of them. Wandering around town later gave me a chance to strengthen my relationship with Ayu, but everything went horrible wrong when a strange girl came out of nowhere and tried to attack me. Starting off from a negative relationship score shall be my greatest challenge yet.

Progress Reports

In general, I have made favourable progress with Nayuki simply through spending time with her (it helps that we are now in the same class at school). I have decided that I may as well build up her relationship score on slow days since I anticipate soon becoming busy with many other girls.

Spending the day at school and then in town did not give me much of a chance to interact with Akiko, but I made sure to eat some of her hideous home made jam in order to score a few points. Unfortunately, I lost some ground by refusing a second slice, but it was better than risking my life by eating too much of the jam.

Flashback Mode and a second meeting with Ayu have reminded me that we once spent time together in the past, so I now see that our relationship is more stable than I previously assumed- because of this, I can surely get away with teasing her. It was also somewhat disappointing to discover that Ayu claims to be the same age as me, but nonetheless in appearance she is loli enough to still be worth acquiring.

Being in the same class as Kaori will not hurt my chances, but it seems that she already considers Nayuki to have a prior claim on me. Since I do not want to ruin my chances with either of them, I must tread carefully, but I shall attempt to convince her that I am not a one-woman man.

I only met her briefly in school today, but she seems friendly.

I met her with Sayuri; she was somewhat cold but I like a challenge.

I encountered her today whilst out with Ayu; although it may seem counterproductive, it can sometimes be helpful to have another girl along whilst working a new one, as it helps them to integrate into the main unit. Shiori claims she doesn’t go out much, so I must clearly make significant progress each time I see her.

Another new face, although this time one I met whilst on my own. She seems to have a grudge against me, thus automatically starting our relationship off on a poor footing. Nonetheless, the strong feelings she has for me can surely be transformed into something more positive.

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