Kanon Harem Diaries Part 6


Entry Six
The days when I was timid and careful with the girls’ feelings now feel like a distant memory, for I have now realised that I should not court them carefully as my predecessors did; instead, I must completely own and dominate them. There are many girls to attend to now, but I will not be satisfied until I have them all.

Progress Reports

It seems as if Akiko has become my ally in the harem quest, for her every action seems designed to make things easier for me. From giving me free cinema tickets and inviting Ayu home to keeping the other girls in line, Akiko truly is my harem deputy. For a minimum investment of attention, I have gained a powerful ally, although it is no more than I deserve.

Thanks to the cinema tickets Akiko gave me, I was able to easily arrange a date with Ayu; the perfect opportunity to try out the browbeating technique I have been using on Makoto. Although my plan to make her cling to me during a horror film failed, I was able to use the opportunity to tease her and later insult her appearance. Once I have broken down Ayu’s self-confidence, it shall be easy to convince her that I am the only one who will have her.

Makoto continues to rebel against my rule, and for that she must be punished. I was able to foil her firecracker plot by throwing them back at her, but unfortunately I was not able to make her drink the bath she filled with miso soup in case I lost the affections of Akiko and Nayuki for being overly harsh. I have also been attempting to make her get a job so that her earnings can support my harem-building efforts.

Nayuki barely seemed awake today and thus I felt no inclination to pay her much attention.

Once again, Shiori was able to defy illness in order to come out today, and thus I was able to work on her a little more. I must manoeuvre myself into becoming the only outside contact she has; if she comes to depend on anyone else, it could jeopardise the harem effort.

After a long day with the other girls, most men would need a good night’s sleep, but thanks to my superiority, I have the stamina to break into school and visit Mai every night. Unfortunately, of late she has been advising me to spend more time with Makoto- I must persuade her that I can easily make time for both her and Makoto. There is no need for any girl to feel that they must go without.

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3 Responses to Kanon Harem Diaries Part 6

  1. dsong says:

    Unfortunately your analysis of Yuuichi seems to be right on the mark.

  2. darkshaunz says:

    Darkshaunz from Retsgip’s A-Blog here.

    Completely agreed, champ.

    Im surprised this hasn’t spun off a Hentai sub series or something yet.

    Also, careful, real harem lords may come knocking on your door as what you are saying is too full of truth.

    You may “know too much”.

  3. Retsgip says:

    OMG I missed this entry somehow. This is a classic entry. It seems we have a common outlook on the series. Wtf darkshaunz actually commented on someone’s blog.

    I really like the way you wrote this entry as well. Nice original approach and was fun to read. 🙂

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