Shounen Onmyouji parody episode 4


Masahiro is making ink when Mokkun arrives.

Mokkun: Is that ink you’re making? Don’t tell me this episode is going to be as boring as the last one.

Masahiro: It wasn’t that boring- I mean, I did get a good chunk of screen time.

Mokkun: Whatever you say. Let’s just have a quick Flashback Mode; maybe in return we can have some plot development this week.

Masahiro and Mokkun use Flashback Mode to discuss the ox monster.

Later, Masahiro starts to walk home when he suddenly feels tired.

Masahiro: I think I’d better take a quick nap; Mokkun, you stand guard.

Mokkun: What do you think I am? I’m not just an average mascot character, you know.

Nonetheless, Masahiro has already fallen asleep in the archive room. He dreams of Michinaga’s house.

Masahiro: Wow, I’m magically at Michinaga’s house. I must have teleported there, for this couldn’t possibly be a dream intended to foreshadow events that will occur later in the episode.

As Akiko emerges from the house, a demon appears from underneath it.

Masahiro: I can’t possibly be expected to fight a demon all by myself when I’m only Level Two! Mokkun, where are you?

Masahiro wakes up.

Masahiro: Mokkun, I just dreamt about a monster.

Mokkun: It must be this episode’s monster of the week. We should ask Seimei about it.

Masahiro: How many times do I have to tell you that I’m not going to keep relying on that old man?

Masahiro knocks into a cabinet and dislodges a book.

Masahiro: Oh look, it’s “My First Book of Demons”. We should be able to look up the monsters of the week in there.

Masahiro prepares to look through the assorted volumes of “My First Book of Demons” when his father arrives.

Masahiro: Father, I need to stay here overnight and look up something that’s relevant to the plot. Could you tell Mother that I won’t be home tonight?

Yoshimasa: You have a mother?

Masahiro goes back into the archive room to study.

Mokkun: I thought finding those books was a little too convenient to be a random plot contrivance. You put them there, didn’t you?

Yoshimasa: Instead of just handling it myself or clearly explaining the situation to my son, it’s better if I leave him cryptic clues.

That night, Masahiro and Mokkun study “My First Book of Demons”.

Mokkun: I think I’ve found last week’s monster.

Masahiro: Apparently it’s called Gouetsu, an evil foreign monster from the west.

Mokkun: Anyway, that one’s old news. Let’s look up the one for this week.

After a few moments of budget-saving stills, Masahiro finds the monster he saw in his dream.

Masahiro: Here it is- BanBan.

Mokkun: BanBan? It sounds like something from a magical girl show.

Masahiro: Well, for whatever reason, it’s in our series now, and that means we have to find it.

Mokkun: How are you going to do that?

Masahiro: I’ll just do what I intended to last episode and find some Pokemon to talk to.

Mokkun and Masahiro visit an abandoned house last seen in Haruka 8. It is inhabited by Pokemon.

Pokemon 1: Is that the main character? He doesn’t look like anything special.

Pokemon 2: He can only be about Level Two.

The Pokemon fall down on top of Masahiro.

Masahiro: Look, the only reason you can appear is because a main character like me came to see you. We just need to know if any strange demons or monsters of the week have appeared lately.

Pokemon 1: I saw one that looked like an ox.

Masahiro: Yeah, you’re about a week too late on that one.

Pokemon 2: I saw one in the palace; one of my comrades burned himself to avoid being eaten by it.

Masahiro: Sounds like episode two- I guess BanBan must have been the one that cornered him.

Pokemon 3: I saw something even scarier than BanBan.

Masahiro: Hmm, that could be useful to know in a future episode. I’ll note it down for reference.

BanBan appears.

BanBan: There won’t be any future episodes, for I plan to kill you and end this series here! Now I shall launch an intimidation attack in which I eat some minor Pokemon but take care not to hurt the main character!

As BanBan does just that, the Pokemon beg Masahiro to get rid of him.

Masahiro: Reflector Shield!

Masahiro repels BanBan but only does minor damage.

Mokkun: Flame Cutters!

Mokkun’s attack misses.

Mokkun: Okay, Masahiro, we’re going to have to use a combo attack.

Masahiro: At last, I’ve gained enough EXP to use a combo! Eternal Bind!

Masahiro binds BanBan.

Mokkun: Flame Cutters!

This time, Mokkun’s attack scrapes along BanBan’s back, lowering his HP.

BanBan: Smoke Dispel!

BanBan manages to cancel Masahiro’s bind.

BanBan: You may have defeated me, but once my master bothers to fight you directly, that will be the end of it! Now I shall escape so that you cannot gain any EXP from my defeat!

BanBan escapes.

Masahiro: It looks like our next quest is to find the boss monster. Do any of you Pokemon happen to know where it might be?

Pokemon 4: It just so happens that I do. The boss dungeon is a mansion on the outskirts of Ukyo.

Masahiro and Mokkun travel to the mansion. Outside, they see Gouetsu’s body.

Masahiro: Damn, he died after all, but I didn’t get the EXP.

The mansion is suddenly engulfed in a blue-white light. Does a boss battle await?

To be continued…

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