Kanon Harem Diaries Part 7


Entry Seven
It has taken a while, but at long last I have worked out the optimum schedule for maximising my time with the girls. In order that others may learn from my shining example, I have generously decided to include it here.

Early morning: Get up, tease Makoto, walk to school with Nayuki if possible.

Morning: Classes with Nayuki and Kaori.

Lunchtime: Visit Shiori outside before eating lunch with Sayuri and Mai.

Afternoon: Classes with Nayuki and Kaori. Walk home with Nayuki if possible; otherwise go into town and spend time with Ayu. Pick up Makoto from work.

Evening: Copy Nayuki’s homework; eat dinner with Nayuki, Makoto and Akiko. Take every opportunity to tease Makoto.

Late Evening: Go back into school to see Mai.

Night: Forego sleep in order to catch Makoto at her pranks. Encourage her to spend the night in my bed.

As you can see, it is a packed schedule, but surely well worth the effort.

Progress Reports

The more time I spend with Nayuki, the more I realise how limited her intellectual capacity is; in fact, she is little more than a child. Whilst this means that she is sometimes difficult to control, it also ensures that she is simple enough to fall for even the most basic of tricks. For example, after telling her off when she insisted on stroking a cat, I was able to quell her resulting anger by pretending I was concerned about her allergy to felines. Nonetheless, when it comes to schoolwork, she is still ahead of me, and so I must ruthlessly copy her homework (if anyone complains, I will claim that she copied me).


Today I was most surprised at Makoto’s actions; after we came across a cat, she went so far as to drop it off a bridge since it was only an animal! I consider my girls to be barely more than animals, but I would certainly never treat them that badly. Fortunately, although she reacted to my anger by running away from home, she came to realise that there is nowhere else for her to go- I am willing to indulge a little disobedience if it teaches the girls that there is no escape from me.


Akiko remains a great ally in the harem effort; she even helped to keep Makoto in line today by making her eat some of that special jam.

Since Makoto was so troublesome today, I was only able to meet Ayu briefly. Nonetheless, she seems to have bonded closely to me, so the efforts of last episode were indeed productive.

Sayuri truly is a reliable girl; each and every day she gets up early to make a special bentou for me (out of the kindness of my heart, I let her and Mai eat my leftovers). Such obedience cannot go unrewarded, and so I will allow her to see me every lunch time.

Mai is so quiet during the day that I cannot resist teasing her, but I have to admit that I am most thankful to her for brightening up my dull evenings. What could be better than the illicit thrill of a night-time rendezvous at school?

Although I did not have much of an opportunity to interact directly with Kaori today, it is always reassuring to know that she is there to keep an eye on Nayuki when I am busy elsewhere.

Dear Shiori, may your illness last for as long as possible, since it means that you and I may meet without the hassle of other people surrounding you. You truly are mine, and I always look forward to our daily meetings.

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3 Responses to Kanon Harem Diaries Part 7

  1. Retsgip says:

    We need to construct some fences to help Yuuichi herd his cattle because they’re starting to get out of hand!

  2. dsong says:

    Doesn’t Yuuichi have better things to do than chase after 6 girls simultaneously?

    He might want to use some of that time to do his homework.

  3. Karura says:

    Retsgip: Yuuichi will probably get Akiko to erect a barrier around the city so they can’t stray too far.

    dsong: His eventual aim is to have the girls do everything for him- Nayuki does the homework, Makoto gives him the earnings from her part-time job, Ayu steals taiyaki for him, Sayuri cooks his meals…if he plays his cards right he won’t even need to leave the house.

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