Kanon Harem Diaries Part 8


Entry Eight
It is a commonly held belief that it is the man who must work to put together his harem, but of late it has occurred to me that it does not have to be that way. After all, whilst I am practically the embodiment of perfection, the girls are inferior beings who only exist for me to sleep with- they should be glad of any attention that I give them! In fact, today, instead of building up a harem, I have decided to sequentially work on each girl, discarding the imperfect ones and only keeping the best. First to go shall be Makoto.

Progress Reports

Makoto, once you held a place in my ultimate harem, but now that I have seen you naked, you really have nothing more to offer me; whether at home or in town, you constantly demand attention, unaware of your role as merely a minor part of my life. Time and again I have tried to distract you by giving you a pet or trying to find a friend for you, but still you come to me for attention- although the nights when you share my bed are better than nothing, I suppose, and if the worst comes to the worst, I can manipulate you by controlling your supply of pork buns.


Nonetheless, I must not complain too much, for with the help of some conveniently placed exposition and flashback, I have discovered the truth about Makoto’s past, and it seems she may not be with us for long. Soon I shall finally be free of her, and thus able to concentrate on the better girls.


Amano Mishio
Although she has appeared too late to be considered as a harem prospect, Amano seems to be the ideal character for plot development- a girl born solely for exposition, without any need to explain how and why she knows what she does. I mistakenly thought I could use her to take Makoto off my hands, but I should have known better; her only role in life is exposition, after all.

Nayuki, you too have disappointed me; not only are you barely awake most of the time, but you lose all mental faculties when confronted by a cat. Ah well, you will always be there as backup.

Dearest Akiko, although you did little for me today, I know you are always ready to support my harem plans- you even ignored your own daughter’s cat allergy so that Makoto could keep her cat.

I am most annoyed that Makoto prevented me from seeing Mai as often as I would have liked over the last few days; she is beginning to act coldly towards me again, and if I do not keep up my regular visits, she may drift away from my control.

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  1. Retsgip says:

    These are always enjoyable.

  2. dsong says:

    A slow episode for you; but let’s not forget that Kyuuichi’s interests are not limited to the realm of the living.

    Not sure whether he can score on an undead, but he will go down trying.

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