Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 7


It was something of a disappointment to find that anime episode seven wasn’t as good as imagined; the episode that introduced Nao wasn’t exactly poor, but as far as RPG material goes, it wasn’t the best I had to work with. The result- a lot of fiddly and troublesome scenes that took an age to complete (and if I’m perfectly honest, still contain a few bugs).

Mikoto heads into town to search for Ani-ue, only to end up encountering Nao and one of her dates.

Nao’s date is more than a little surprised when Julia shows up.

I’m afraid this isn’t a battle that the player can actually participate in; in fact, it ends right after this message.

The next day, Mikoto is scolded by Mai.

This scene is somewhat amusing in that all the characters relentlessly march across the screen in unison before building up on the right hand side. Needless to say, I will have to adjust this.

Midori and Youko reunite, causing all kinds of speculation from HARD YURI fans.

At lunchtime, the upcoming anniversary celebrations are discussed.

Mikoto angsts to Nao about how Mai treats her like a child.

Tate tries to get Mai to take Shiho shopping.

Even though Mai refuses, Nagi tells her it is important to the plot that she goes to the shopping district.

Mai angsts about the fact that Mikoto is missing, whilst Akane is worried that she won’t have her dialogue memorised in time for episode eight.

After work, Mai searches for Mikoto.

Nao persuades Mikoto to pick up a guy for a date with Julia.

Mai and Natsuki stumble upon Mikoto’s activities and decide to tail her.

Mai and Natsuki confront Nao.

Natsuki finds herself at odds with Nao, and initiates another battle where the player cannot do anything (a different battle background will appear in the final version).

Midori arrives and breaks up the fight.

Nagi appears to put a stop to anything that would ruin the plot. Midori should be in this scene, and has since been added.

Nao decides to make a dramatic exit.

Thanks to Nao, the whole place has collapsed, but luckily Reito appears in time to save Mikoto.

Mai visits Mashiro in order to properly take up her role as the destined main character.

Next time: Akane.

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  1. Fukiri says:

    Begining to think that Mai’s too obsessed with screen time XD It’s funny to imagine her saying that Mikoto was stealing her screentime. Keep up the good work! ^_^

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