Saiunkoku Monogatari: HARD GAY edition

Don’t get me wrong, I love SaiMono- it’s one of my favourite series amongst those airing at the moment (in fact, it ranks highly on the list of all the series I’ve seen), and there’s nothing I would love more than to have the novels translated into English. As Chevalier has already proven, however, excellence is no barrier to parody, and so it only seems right to apply the tried-and-tested HARD GAY model to this bishounen-filled series. With that in mind, this will be a SaiMono recap with a difference- one entirely geared to finding the HARD GAY that lurks just below the surface.

The Story so far…

Right from the start, Ryuuki is rumoured to be HARD GAY, although as we later discover, he is actually BI.

Having been brought up by Reishin, Kouyuu was indoctrinated into HARD GAY at an early age.

A BI man himself, Ran Shuuei attempts to convince Kouyuu that women are just as valid a choice of partner as men.

Upon entering the palace, Shuurei is quick to realise that it is a HARD GAY place.

Kouyuu is no stranger to bondage tactics in the bedroom; he even offers to show Ryuuki his techniques.

Speculation abounds as to whether these two new HARD GAY partners will be enough for Ryuuki.

It seems not, for Ryuuki already has his sights set on a different man.

Ryuuki and Seiran are quick to act on their HARD GAY impulses.

Their ‘swordsmanship’ is most impressive.

Ryuuki tries to ask if Seiran is single.

The truth is revealed- Seiran is Ryuuki’s brother, making their forbidden love even more tantalising.

A new partnership is born.

The only way Kouyuu can deal with women is to have them dress as men.

Ryuuki arranges a tryst with his lover Seiran and experienced man Shouka.

Now that they are alone, Yuuri is eager to judge the effectiveness of Kijin’s new mouth-opening mask.

Seiran explains the similarities between HARD GAY and swordsmanship.

Speculation runs rife after Ryuuki and Seiran are seen exchanging meaningful glances in public.

Even Kouyuu has to agree that sometimes you can have too many partners.

Reishin is perhaps the only man bold enough to refuse the Emperor.

Kouyuu reveals his long-term HARD GAY relationship with Reishin.

Ran defends his BI lifestyle, whilst oddly resembling Sei from Burst Angel.

Kouyuu is jealous that Seiran got to learn HARD GAY at the hands of the master.

Reishin has always set high standards of HARD GAY, which Kouyuu has struggled to achieve.

Seiran asks Shouka if he can invite a new lover home.

Kouyuu tries to explain that he won’t be turning BI any time soon.

Unbeknownst to him, Kouyuu has a secret admirer.

When they were children, Seiran convinced Ryuuki that there was nothing shameful or wrong in incestuous HARD GAY.

With that in mind, Ryuuki soon gets the hang of handling his ‘blade’.

Young Ryuuki is devastated when Seiran leaves him and HARD GAY is denied.

Shuurei realises that the reason Ensei is always mistaken for a HARD GAY man is due to his facial hair.

Seiran admits that despite being HARD GAY himself, he can’t seem to grow a beard.


Future developments will be covered in Tuesday Rumble.

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9 Responses to Saiunkoku Monogatari: HARD GAY edition

  1. modorenai says:

    Their ‘swordsmanship’ is most impressive.
    Seiran explains the similarities between HARD GAY and swordsmanship.

    These two captions totally cracked me up. XD Especially since in the latter, Seiran looks so delighted while delivering his speech. *snerk*

    BTW, if I’m not wrong, the person on the left in the 17th screenshot (the one with the cation “Now that they are alone, Reishin is eager to judge the effectiveness of Kijin’s new mouth-opening mask.”) isn’t actually Reishin; rather, it’s Kei Yuuri, a guy who works for Kijin.

  2. omo says:

    great post. it’s more scary as to how true it is.

  3. Karura says:

    Thanks for spotting that, modorenai, now that I look again at that screencap I can see you’re right.

  4. Darren says:

    I was surprised with the Hard Gay title in Saiunkoku Monogatari. I never noticed the gay part in the anime. Since I haven’t watch the 20th episode I thought there’s gay.

  5. Bek says:

    Ahaha, you totally nailed it. I don’t look for shounen-ai hints, and I’m all for a Ryuuki/Shuurei pairing, but you picked some excellent screencaps to validate your point here.


  6. Muey says:

    Oh boy.

    Saimono’s one of my favourite shows of the year that I initially was very vary to start watching due to fearing a prevelance of too much gayness due to the heavy bishie-factor. Well, I overcame that and was rather positively surprised how relatively un-gay the show (compared to my expectations) turned out to be.

    I knew I was missing something. It was all hidden right before my eyes!
    It’s funny because it’s true, and yet, it isn’t! …Or is it? ;-P

    Thanks for the laugh of the week :).

  7. feanne says:

    Thanks for sharing! 😀

    I wish more people would watch Saiunkoku; it only has 13 fics in …. how sad :c

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