Kanon Harem Diaries Part 10

Greetings, regular readers, Kanon fans and people who randomly clicked on this blog after googling for the letter t. In response to the fact that Kanon, and thus the Diaries, have been getting quite dull of late, we’ve decided to mix things up by giving you access to the innermost thoughts of not only Yuuichi, but also all the girls. Naturally, Yuuichi was a little annoyed at having to share his spotlight, but after we promised to script him a sequel game with more H-scenes, he readily agreed to do anything we asked. So, without further ado, scroll down to enjoy the Harem Diaries Reloaded…

Entry 10

Makoto only needs me, not anyone else.

Alas, Makoto is gone, and now I am left in a quandary- should I count her as a victory, because she gave herself to me, or a failure, since she escaped from eternal servitude in my harem? Whatever the case, knowing that she was doomed was not just a relief, but it gave me a chance to test out various techniques and select the most successful ones for use on the other girls. I think I must go after Mai next- what can be more tantalising than the idea of illicit romance in the school at night?

Makoto may have gone beyond the grave, but her very soul is mine.

What more could Makoto want than to be mine?

There is nothing I like more than assisting virile young men in their efforts to conquer underage girls, and it is for that reason that I have no life beyond helping Yuuichi arrange his conquests. Having suspected that Makoto’s life would be brief, I put all my efforts into helping the two of them get together, and I am happy to say that the experiment was entirely successful. I must now decide which girl to invite home next- perhaps Ayu should start living with us.

I must tell the other girls that Yuuichi is mine.

I am delighted to report that even after ten episodes, no one has seen through my clumsy and sleepy act- as long as I pretend to be childlike and immature, I can secretly sabotage the other girls’ attempts to get close to Yuuichi without anyone suspecting what I am doing. Fortunately, today saw a major breakthrough for me; the slow poison I kept slipping into Makoto’s meals has finally had its desired effect, removing her from the list of my opponents. Unfortunately, whilst her health was deteriorating, she was able to keep Yuuichi close to her, but I am prepared to sacrifice a few days with him if it means the permanent removal of a dangerous live-in rival.


Translated version: I can’t believe my arc came so early in the series; true, I got Yuuichi to myself just as I’d always hoped, but now that I can no longer be with him, I am sure he will go after other girls again.

Amano Mishio
All I ever wanted from this life was HARD YURI from Makoto, but the plot forced me to become an exposition character. Day after day I rehearsed my lines, neglecting everything else in order to put in a perfect performance- family, friendship, education, these things were not for me. At the time, I was convinced that it was the right thing to do, but now I have to wonder if it was a bit short-sighted to just focus on exposition- what am I going to do now that I am no longer important to the plot?

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4 Responses to Kanon Harem Diaries Part 10

  1. dsong says:

    Wonder how many girls Yuuichi will score with by the end of the series.

    As for Makoto – well, she got to sleep with Yuuichi and married him, so I suppose she got what she wanted (alas, ’twas a side-effect of her degeneration)

    Nice job with this entry. Putting in other characters’ thoughts was a clever idea.

  2. Skh says:

    Wow. I didn’t know Nayuki was so evil.

  3. Ronin says:

    You’d never know, shk, you’d never know >:)

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