Kanon Harem Diaries Part 11


Entry 11

I must find the secretof popularity, for my approval rating has gone down.

I hadn’t realised how much of my time had been devoted to Makoto over the last few days, but with her out of the way I am finally able to return to my normal schedule. From snacks with Shiori and lunch with Sayuri to late night meals with Mai, my appetite for both delicious food and attractive women is satisfied twenty-four hours a day. Nonetheless, for a man of my standing and prowess, such a standard routine is not enough, and so I have decided to set myself a new challenge- transforming Mai into a ‘real girl’. Through the magic of beautiful dresses and grandiose balls (well, the school’s dance festival, I can’t afford anything beyond that), I shall take the taciturn and solitary Mai and transform her into my ideal woman- pliant, obedient and completely incapable of functioning without me.

An inspired plan, if I do say so myself.

I don’t see why I should have to do everything- or indeed, anything.

When will Yuuichi remember our past together?

No one has any idea how hard it is for me to maintain my clumsy and sleepy image without the mask ever slipping; week in, week out, I pretend to be sweet and innocent, whilst all the while I am plotting how to make Yuuichi mine and mine alone. Not only must I feign regret over Makoto’s death, but I have even taken the somewhat dangerous step of letting Ayu stay at my house- some must surely wonder at my actions, but I believe it is important to keep your enemies close.

I will take every opportunity I can to get close to Yuuichi.

…even to the point of bathing with him.

My greatest worry at the current time is Mai; Yuuichi seems to be spending an undesirably large amount of time with her, and so I must do whatever I can to stain her reputation. For now, I will smash a few windows in the school and then spread the rumour that she did it. Yuuichi will surely not be interested in such a delinquent.

Some people have questioned just why I would go to such lengths to secure girls for Yuuichi, and so I have decided to finally explain myself. All my efforts are for Nayuki- in order to prevent her from being seduced by Yuuichi, I must satisfy his libido with other girls picked up off the street. For some reason, however, all these girls seem to have some kind of past connection with Yuuichi- was he really so promiscuous when he visited here seven years ago?

Fighting is the only way to relieve my frustrations- the frustration of wanting HARD YURI with Sayuri and not knowing if she feels the same way. I know that no one understands how I feel, but I just do not have the confidence to express myself. All I can do is spend the days fighting Sayuri, and the nights battling demons, and hope that someone understands. Perhaps Yuuichi can help me find a way to confess to Sayuri.

Yuuichi is such a good big brother to me! He buys me taiyaki, spends time with me, cuddles me, even makes me do…well, he said I shouldn’t tell anyone about that. I love Yuuichi so much that I’m even going to stay with him overnight- I hope we can do all kinds of exciting things together!



I am so glad that Yuuichi has befriended Mai; it is not that I mind spending time with her, but she really needs to branch out and talk to more people- why, I can’t remember when I last saw her talking to a boy. Hopefully the upcoming Dance Festival will help Mai to find a nice boyfriend, for then I can stop worrying about her.

Waiting for Makoto’s arc to end was dull for me.

Being ill is such a hindrance- every time I go out into the freezing cold winter landscape, I am forced to wear a light scarf around my shoulders! Nonetheless, after patiently waiting for Makoto’s arc to end, I was finally able to go out and see Yuuichi again. I know that the other girls think my terminal illness means I am not much of a threat to them, but I plan to prove them wrong.

Why do I have no distinguishing characteristic that gives me my own arc and screen time? Why am I always stuck with that irritating Kitagawa? Under conditions like these, is it any wonder that I am always a little short-tempered?

I can’t wait for my arc- it’s going to be great. I wonder when it’s going to begin, though…

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3 Responses to Kanon Harem Diaries Part 11

  1. dsong says:

    Hard to believe that you left out the Ayu X Nayuki moments. HARD YURI, indeed.

    At this rate, not sure whether Nayuki will be left yearning for Yuuichi or Ayu at the end.

  2. Karura says:

    For now, Ayu x Nayuki is just an act on Nayuki’s part- she wants to get close to her greatest rival and then dispose of her. Whether or not it will develop into real HARD YURI remains to be seen 😉

  3. Ronin says:

    Shiori seems to be planning something. And it does not involve her “sister”, is it not? 😉

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