Romance of the Three Kingdoms 33

Liu Bei has enjoyed HARD GAY with Xu Shu, but now the time has come for his trusted advisor to leave his service and ‘attend’ to his mother and Cao Cao instead. Can Liu Bei hope to recruit a new lover in order to recover from this tragically brief relationship?

In case you hadn’t realised it, this is a time of chaos.rotk33-2.jpg
Liu Bei’s wife does not realise that Xu Shu is HARD GAY and thus not at all interested in getting married and having children.

Xu Shu’s mother is just a woman, so she doesn’t need a name.

See how chaotic and evil Cao Cao’s character design has become.

He even asks for HARD GAY from visitors.

Even hermits living in caves have the name of the Great Liu Bei.

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

How dare they besmirch the name of the Honourable Liu Bei?

When planning something in secret, it is bets to whisper conspicuously in front of the target of your plans.

Zhang Fei wonders if Xu Shu has finally experienced HARD GAY.

Xu Shu tearfully admits that a life of HARD GAY with Liu Bei has been denied to him.

Instead, he must ‘service’ his ailing mother (is mothercon a word?).

Liu Bei understands that sometimes mothercon must come before HARD GAY.

Sun Qian is disappointed to hear of the loss of a talented HARD GAY partner.

Such righteousness!

No matter how noble the sentiments, it can be hard to let go.

Now Zhang Fei will never learn the secret techniques that Xu Shu promised to show him.

Nonetheless, there is a good news- another HARD GAY man can be recruited to take Xu Shu’s place

Liu Bei is intrigued, but needs more specifics.

The man in question is of course Zhuge Liang, the most HARD GAY person of the era.

Xu Shu pays a visit to Zhuge Liang for some quick HARD GAY before his tenure with Cao Cao begins.

Zhuge Liang is not especially pleased to know that Xu Shu has arranged a HARD GAY partner for him without his consent.

Xu Shu reports to Cao Cao, who is gracious in his victory.

Xu Shu’s mother cannot believe her son would give up HARD GAY with Liu Bei himself in order to service his old mother.

Distracted by thoughts of HARD GAY, Xu Shu’s mothercon is so bad that she kills herself in embarrassment.

Cao Cao’s advisors fear that they will be castrated for not providing enough HARD GAY to their master.

How not to construct a sentence.

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4 Responses to Romance of the Three Kingdoms 33

  1. kabetan says:

    HARD GAY count: 14. Nice, lol. You are too awesome for recapping this show. The subtitles alone were just asking for it.

  2. yazi says:

    Even though you’re attempting to make a poking fun, but focusing on ONE particular(non-existent) theme (which probably didn’t exist in ROTK era) doesn’t accomplish that idea. Often switching between ideas can keep things fresh.

  3. Karura says:

    Poke fun? This is a completely serious post, using photographic evidence from the era.

  4. kabetan says:

    Wow, I wish I could make a poking fun. And the HARD GAY of today’s lineage clearly traces back to ancient China. Everyone knows that.

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