The Obligatory Merry Christmas Post

Ages ago, I had this great idea of reviewing various Christmas related episodes for today (think the Love Hina Xmas Special et al), but when it came down to it, not only did I have no time left, but I couldn’t remember most of those episodes particularly well. So instead, you will have to enjoy this festive low-content Christmas collection of seasonal anime screencaps. Click on the ‘more’ link and let the pointlessness begin!

First up, a Christmas episode from Ah! My Goddess season 2.

Next, the girls of Tenchi return to wish everyone a merry Christmas (is there a link between harem and Christma?)

xxxHOLiC’s snowball fight is reasonably festive.

The Love Hina Xmas Special continues the harem trend.

Chokotto Sister briefly showed us an alternate version of Santa.

Finally, Spiral had no Christmas episode, but FUNimation made these two seasonal wallpapers.

Never fear, I will post at least one ‘real’ post later today…

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