Chevalier Alternative 18 Part II

“Everyone, let’s put our differences aside and cross swords for old times’ sake.”

Robin reveals that even he has a short dagger.

Robin is eager and resolute.

Teillagory has a knowing, bright-eyed look.

Despite his problems, Durand joins in.

Lia-d’Eon adds her unique brand of BI to the mix.

“All for one, and one for all!”

The level proper begins with an enemy encounter for Robin.

“Stay back, or I will use my pistol!”

Robin is unprepared for the Axe method of HARD GAY.

“No, don’t put it in- it hurts!”

There is always someone on hand to rescue the team’s damsel in distress.

Robin’s courage returns once he is safely behind Teillagory.

Durand is determined to prove he can still match ‘swords’ with the best of them.

Lia-d’Eon has main character status, and thus has little problem defeating any opponent.

“Oh no, I ran out of time on this level and so rocks started falling!”

Durand struggles with his sword.

“I can get it up…I can get it up…”

“Oh no, nothing’s happening…”

Durand faces up to the possibility of a life without HARD GAY.

Giuseppe and Lorenza realise they cannot live without Robespierre, and make plans to put history back on track.

Lia-d’Eon enters the boss chamber.

“Is that the delivery man with my new set of teeth?”

“Old man, you are too wrinkled and ugly to live.”

“I’ve dealt with the likes of you before! I power up Staff!”

“I cast Main Character Barrier!”

“Powering up Staff always works!”

“Strengthen Barrier!”

Space Palace Versailles is cast.

On the first turn in the Space Palace Versailles field, all units must wait.

“I cast Ugly Face!”

Lia-d’Eon is blinded and stunned by Dashwood’s hideous visage.

Fortunately, she recovers in time to cast Flaming Field.

“My Space Palace Versailles is burning!”

“Fear the power of my hair.”

Unfortunately, casting Flaming Field drains the stamina bar, leaving a unit inactive for several turns.

Dashwood shuffles forward in order to perform Tonberry Knife on the paralyse Lia-d’Eon.

“Not so fast, bud.”

“You!? How can you be here?”

“Do not trifle yourself with such trivial matters.”

“And now I shall use the power of Yu-Gi-Oh to put an end to you once and for all!”

Robespierre uses his first turn to summon Guillotine to the field.

Guillotine allows the summoning of up to ten generic dead monsters.

With these preparations in place, the field can be changed to Hellscape.

Hellscape is made from a generic RPG Maker tileset, and contains Lord Kira followers.

Robespierre finishes his turn with the Holy Light of Revolutionary France card.

Holy Light shows the target the face of true beauty, and how ugly they are in comparison.

Although it is proper etiquette to stand around and do nothing whilst spells are being cast, Lia-d’Eon takes the opportunity to run a ‘sword’ through Dashwood.

Durand, Robin and Teillagory time their arrival so that they do not have to do anything in this battle.

“Ah, if only I could have had a blood splatter as splendid as Niwe’s.”

Robespierre explains that he is simply too HARD GAY to die.

“Damn it! Why does nothing ever go to plan?”

(“Why, simply because you are a low-ranked mid-boss, my Lady.”

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