Kanon Harem Diaries Part 17


Why would Shiori ever have cause to cry when she is with me?

A part of me still feels like it is a waste of time to work on a girl whose lifespan may be limited, but at the same time, I would hate for a valuable resource to go completely unused- even if the worst happens, at least I can use the techniques I have refined with Shiori in order to pleasure other girls better (although my supply of willing young women is slowly running dry). She also provides a vital diversion whilst I continue to train Ayu to my exacting standards; many men desire a loli, but few of them have any idea how much time and effort one must invest in training one to service them in all ways.


It seems a little odd, but after Nayuki brought me some soup in hospital, I started feeling even worse than ever. Nonetheless, I have decided to return home, for I must protect dear Nayuki from Yuuichi.

Mother seems to be more resilient to my concoctions than I had anticipated, but no matter, for I have bigger concerns now. Shiori is my greatest rival of the hour, and even the machinations that kept her out in the cold are no longer enough- I must take more direct action. First, I must get close enough to Shiori to discover the true nature of her illness, for only then can I figure out how to aggravate her symptoms without raising any suspicions. I must also take care with Kaori, for I fear she has begun to confide in Yuuichi. I must prevent her from straying, and perhaps even manipulate her into taking care of Shiori for me.

I love it when Yuuichi and I are alone in the house together. It’s just like we’re husband and wife; I do all the cooking and cleaning whilst Yuuichi watches television, and then when he’s ready, we go up to the bedroom together for some special games. I’m so glad I came to live with Yuuichi- it really is a dream come true for me. I don’t even have to think for myself anymore, because Yuuichi has promised to do that for me.


My plan has worked splendidly; now that Yuuichi thinks I am dying, he seems willing to spend as much time with me as possible. Although I cannot drag this out forever, I can use this period to obtain as many gifts from him as possible, as well as getting one over on my sister. She always said that she would be the one to get a boyfriend first, but thanks to my underhanded tactics, I have won this round.

Nayuki, thank you for warning me about Shiori- that little hussy has gotten so close to Yuuichi that she has stolen all of the screen time that could have been mine! I must take action in order to prevent this; perhaps Nayuki has some suggestions as to what I can do to remove that irritating sister of mine.


I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I just don’t seem to have the same way with women that Aizawa has. Maybe I should just be patient; my turn will come soon.

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3 Responses to Kanon Harem Diaries Part 17

  1. dsong says:

    Well, that explains Shiori’s performance in the Wack-a-Mole game.

    She was so obviously faking it throughout the episode in an attempt to get more screen time… no wonder Kaori’s jealous.

  2. Karura says:

    It must take a lot of skill to get a zero score on the game- if she were genuinely bad you’d think she’d hit at least one by accident.

  3. Chris says:

    Oho! So that’s what Shiori was doing. “Using underhanded tactics”…

    Also, I thought Kitagawa had a thing for Kaori? Or perhaps he has finally got the sense to give up on her and go for easier targets?

    I can’t tell who’s worse: Yuuchi for being such a pimp, or Shiori for lying just to get attention.

    Of course the worst is Nayuki – Her disguise as the sleepy, slow person is flawless. With that no one would tell that she is one pulling the strings around there.

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