Saiunkoku Monogatari 28

Despite their years of HARD GAY together, Seiran and Ensei’s relationship seems to have hit a rocky patch. Both men have started seeing other lovers, and when it comes to getting back together again, Seiran doesn’t really seem all that interested. Can Ensei persuade Seiran that their relationship is worth pursuing, or should he give up and just settle for a lesser man?

“Couldn’t you have waited until later? Now I have to clean up this mess!”

Ensei introduces everyone to his new lover, but defers HARD GAY until later.

“If we were alone, we would probably give in to our HARD GAY passions.”

Eigetsu admits that he is still lacking experience when it comes to HARD GAY.

“Don’t worry, boy, everyone has to start somewhere.”

“Why, when I was your age, I could barely hold my Zhuge Liang!”

Eigetsu is impressed with Ensei and Yu’s level of HARD GAY.

“Ensei certainly seems to be very energetic with his HARD GAY, but Yu just sits there and takes it.”

“Since Ensei thinks with his muscle, I let him be the more active one in our relationship.”

Seiran discovers that Kokujun has been selling himself short as far as HARD GAY is concerned.

“I may have some small talent, but you are truly a master in the bedroom.”

“We collect the mushrooms and sell them to Sunrise studios, no questions asked.”

Shuurei compliments Kourin on her HARD YURI.

Kourin acknowledges that her HARD YURI cannot match up to Shuurei’s.

Ensei is uncharacteristically modest about the size of his Zhuge Liang.

Never tell a group of men that their Liangs are all the same size.

Ensei admits that sometimes women can match the pleasure of HARD GAY.

They can also perform multiple times.

“Even so, I will still make time for HARD GAY every night.”

“I know Seiran and I have both had different partners lately, but would you mind asking him if he still wants to be with me?”

“In my harem, you will be second husband.”

(“I want to be first husband!”)

“If you can’t manage HARD GAY on your own, I certainly don’t want anything to do with you.”

“Well, who would be first husband?”

“Father, of course; he taught me everything I know about men.”

“Whilst she was alive, Mother taught me about HARD YURI.”

Seiran tries to determine what harem position Sakujun will occupy.

Unfortunately, Shuurei is still uncertain as to where to place him.

“What about you, Seiran? Are you HARD GAY for him?”

“If so, you must be careful, for he is a demon in the bedroom.”

“No matter how much HARD GAY he wants, I can provide it.”

Ensei acknowledges that Seiran needs more HARD GAY than one lover alone can provide.

“Ensei, I no longer need you to warm my bed.”

“Are you sure? It will get quite chilly in the winter without me.”

“Don’t forget, HARD GAY is a year-round pursuit!”

Talk turns to Kokujun, a man who knew he was not good at HARD GAY, but resolved to try it anyway.

Seiran believes he will turn into a fine HARD GAY partner.

“Look, just wake me up when it’s time to sleep with someone- I don’t care who it is.”

“I’m sure you will have the stamina for whichever lovers come your way.”

Kokujun explains that he and his horse must leave to find enlightenment together.

“Thank you for all your help in teaching me HARD GAY.”

“I will put all you have taught me to good use.”

“…and I certainly have no intention of dying from intense HARD GAY!”

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