Saiunkoku Monogatari 30

The introduction of HORSE to the daily routine has added a new spice to our heroes’ bedrooms antics, but it seems that not everyone can keep up the pace. He may have been keeping quiet about it up until now, but poor Seiran has begun to suffer from a rather embarrassing problem- can Sai Shou help him to overcome this dysfunction?

Unlike, say, the ‘cherry’, the ‘flower bud’ can be recovered after having been lost.

Ensei, Seiran and Shou acknowledge the difficulty of attempting HARD GAY with the Sa clan.

“HARD GAY, BI, I’ll try either.”

With no human company present, Kokujun is forced to resort to HORSE.

His ‘courage’ is gripped tightly in his hand.

Shouka reminisces about a former lover.

How about a nice spot of tea?

“Ah, those were the days, so full of HARD GAY for the boys and HARD YURI for you, Shusui.”

Shourin and Youshun decide to practise their HARD GAY.

Ensei is still paranoid about his size.

“Can someone as small as you really have been the previous governor?”

“Could we stop talking about your Liang for five minutes?”

Eigetsu wishes Ryuuren were present for group HARD GAY.

“Group HARD GAY? Isn’t that against the law?”

“If we can’t have group HARD GAY, we may as well go to bed.”

As soon as Shuurei is safely in bed, the men can get down to group HARD GAY without worrying about her objections.

The next day, Seiran is ready for more HARD GAY.

In light of their reconciliation, Ensei readily agrees to it.

Shuurei is astounded by Ensei’s HARD GAY prowess.

Ensei asks Shou if he would be up for some HORSE.

Shou will give anything a go once.

Seiran introduces everyone to the delights of HORSE.

“Seiran, I didn’t know you were into this kind of thing!”

“The first HORSE session is never easy.”

Shuurei’s first experience of HORSE is not a pleasant one.

Shou seems to have taken to HORSE quite readily.

He explains that merchants need to be able to adapt to whatever kinky antics their clients ask for.

“…your client will pay more or less, depending on the satisfaction gained.”

“Wow, you really treat HARD GAY like a business.”

“It does pay off, though, for Shou’s men are very good at what they do.”

“…shouldn’t HARD GAY be an expression of love?”

“Seiran and I are so intimate that we have extreme techniques that we could never share with outsiders!”

Seiran may have the edge against walls, but Shuurei is the go-to girl if you want to deal with an aggressive piece of paper.

Sakujun has taken to wearing purple lipstick…

…leading Shuurei and the others to conclude that he has gone from BI to trap.

“He definitely wants HARD something with us.”

“We’ve just booked our partners for the next six weeks!”

Seiran has a late night rendezvous with Shou.

Shou gives him a vial of Viagra.

“I was amazed you even knew of such things; you seemed like a man who had no trouble in that department.”

“Please drop the subject; I don’t like to talk about it.”

“Still, I can’t believe you are actually going to use it.”

“Maybe you should consider cutting back on the HARD GAY.”

“You don’t understand; I have a sword that thirsts for HARD GAY.”

“And besides, I have to keep up with Ensei, who is a man of the world.”

“Although I admit that he has never once starred in a porn movie.”

“…and you know what they say- opposites attract.”

Seiran boasts about his superior understanding of his male partners.

Shou begins to understand Seiran’s motivations in the bedroom.

He promises to pass on information about fresh lovers and supply as much Viagra as needed.

“There is no point in being ashamed; this stuff was made to help with this kind of problem.”

Chuushou remains ensconced in his chair.

Kokujun argues that the Sa clan has become sullied by too much BI.

“We must embrace pure HARD GAY once again!”

Angered at these words, Chuushou lays down the law by attacking the arm of his chair.

“I thought he’d gone to Ireland!”

“He couldn’t find anywhere he wanted to live, so I thought to myself, ‘why not just put him in prison?’”

“I find your actions reprehensible and will shortly be writing a letter of complaint.”

Eiki tells Shou Taishi that she has no further need of men.

“But look, I became bishie just for you! Not every man can do this!”

Coming soon, a spin off show in which Eiki kicks serious rear.

“I am now a follower of HARD YURI.”

Youshun is rather taken with Ryuuren, and realises that there are HARD GAY possibilities beyond his brother.

“…Remain faithful to the path of HARD YURI, no matter what!”

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  1. ItariShun says:

    “Seiran, isn’t yours bigger then mine?” LMAO I love how these things sound when taken out of context. Another great parody! Can’t wait ’till 31!

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    OMG totally hilarious. You have an evil, evil mind… more please

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