Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA 2: BI is the future

Once, HARD YURI was all Yumi and the others needed, but as time change, so do their needs. Determined to spice up their love lives, Yumi decides to arrange a BI session with Hanadera boys’ school, but will Sachiko, a staunch supporter of pure HARD YURI, agree to this ground-breaking new type of love?

Yuuki tries to be modest about the size of his Zhuge Liang even as he gives Yumi an approximation of its size.

He is the first to suggest that Lillian and Hanadera get together for a BI session.

“You can’t avoid BI forever.”

“But if you really don’t want to do it, I guess it’s okay for you to stay HARD YURI for a while longer.”

“Just call a spade a spade and stop denying your HARD YURI nature.”

Rei explains that she finds Yoshino’s jealousy stifling.

Yoshino cannot help it- she wants Rei all to herself.

Nonetheless, she tries to hide it by pretending she is doing Rei a favour by having a relationship with her.

Noriko admits that she is new to HARD YURI.

“So, there are lesbians here?”

“Didn’t you notice any HARD YURI vibes before?”

“So, BI is the next step.”

“Sachiko is the only obstacle in the way of our becoming BI.”

“I prefer a more open location for group BI.”

Shimako is looking forward to the promised BI.

Kashiwagi also proves to be up for some BI.

“Let’s have a taster session right now.”

“I’ll do anything, no matter how kinky it is.”

“You just want the conventional method? What a shame, I was looking forward to trying something more exotic.”

“You wouldn’t want them finding out you’d turned BI, would you?”

“One with a Zhuge Liang.”

“Although I might be up for some twincest with you.”

“What sort of girl do you like?”

“We’re ready to expand our horizons beyond HARD GAY.”

“She’s mine, I tell you!”

“We sometimes get hot after HARD YURI.”

“Sachiko, there is no escape- BI is the future.”

Sachiko praises Yumi’s HARD YURI.

“With Youko, I was always the student, but now I am the master.”

Sachiko comes up with an idea for a new bondage game.

Let’s take a short break for a nice cup of tea.

The afternoon HARD YURI session is cut short.

The men make their appearance.

The sight of all those Y chromosomes is too much for Sachiko.

The xxxHOLiC animators step in to make everyone disproportionately tall.

Even in group BI, Yumi wants to stick close to Sachiko.

“Help, men have Zhuge Liangs!”

Group BI commences.

The men’s side includes such fascinating personalities as this body-builder.

He even has a friend who wants BI with Rei, realising Yoshino’s worst fears.

How fascinating.

Sachiko is holding up well despite it being her first BI session.

The BI concludes smoothly.

Yes, that’s right, give a new minor character an abruptly thought up backstory.

Coming soon: a spin-off entitled Alice’s Adventures.

“Stay back, Alice, Sachiko is mine!”

“Sachiko, I’m proud of your BI mastery, even if it was with a man who wants to be a woman.”

“We can be friends as long as you remember that Sachiko is mine! Mine, I tell you!”

“You have opened my eyes to BI.”

Yumi asks Yuuki if he is planning to turn HARD GAY.

Really? You don’t say.

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    haha good form good form. most entertaining.

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    This is halaroius. The comment about xxxHolic made me laugh out loud.

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    oh man, i can’t wait until you do #3. they’ve got stalkers, crossdressing, pandas, bondage… XD

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