Saiunkoku Monogatari 32

Even as his grandson Sakujun dabbles in the more esoteric side of BI, Sa Chuushou (still in his chair) admits that a bad experience with HARD GAY has forced him to turn to the ways of STRAIGHT. But just how will he find a partner when he never gets up from his chair?


Sakujun orders some BI.

“Let’s play dress-up.”

“Okay, but only if I can dress as a woman.”

Even generics think little of Kokujun’s HARD GAY.

“I wonder if Kokujun is hiding under this vase.”

Sakujun continues to employ the Hakuoro method of harem management.

“I haven’t had HARD YURI with you yet.”

“I’ve even seen Seiran naked!”

Shourin boasts of his HARD GAY experiences.

Sakujun admits he feels no shame about his cross dressing.

“I can’t believe you’re so open about wanting to dress as a woman.”

Sakujun is eager to indulge in another dress-up session.

Seiran apologises for being late to a Sword evening with Ensei.

Sa Chuushou, still sitting in a chair.

Shuurei is shocked to learn Chuushou endorses STRAIGHT.

“What do you mean, you’re not a supporter of STRAIGHT?”

Chuushou begins waxing lyrical about his ideal STRAIGHT partner.

“I will never have STRAIGHT with you!”

After reading Fei Wong’s book, Chuushou went on to study Niwe’s treatise on villainy, which includes detailed notes on how to set fire to one’s own city.

Chuushou tells Shuurei that she cannot escape the influence of STRAIGHT.

Damn, you can’t trust those duplicitous candles.

Chuushou explains that hopelessly waiting for HARD GAY with Sai Shou was what eventually turned him STRAIGHT

Talk returns to his ideal partner, who above all things will never stand him up.

Nonetheless, he still has time to interject some standard villain phrases.

“Only then will you fear the power of my index finger!”

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