Busou Renkin 20: Dragonball Z edition

Ever since their break-up, Kazuki and Bravo have missed the HARD GAY they used to have together, so much so that they may no longer be able to resist the lure of each other’s arms. In a secluded forest area, the couple resolve to put aside their differences and indulge in one more encounter, but what will Tokiko and Gouta think when they find out Kazuki has cheated on them?

This screencap-less sentence indicates the three minutes of flashback that initiated the episode.

Kazuki and Bravo waste no time in getting down to business.

A flurry of punches is the first indication that DBZ was the inspiration for this episode.

Unless she finds Kazuki within ten minutes, the Tokiko-bot’s battery drains and she becomes completely unable to do anything useful.

Kazuki gives Bravo a taste of his Lance.

“Gravity? What’s that?”

Kazuki tires…

…but soon gets his second wind.

Bravo decides that it his turn to initiate HARD GAY.

Echoes of Goku vs. Insert Monster of the Arc Here.

They even start jumping around with coloured auras.

The Tokiko-bot is now so low on energy that Gouta has to carry her.

“…give you the HARD GAY of your life!”

“Here I come!”

This scene is so HARD GAY that we can only show it in silhouette.

Bravo compliments Kazuki’s HARD GAY.

A jealous Gouta tries to get in on the action.

He even boasts that when it comes to SPEED GAY, he can surpass Bravo.

The Tokiko-bot explains that without Kazuki she is nothing.

“Look, I’m having HARD GAY with Bravo right now- you guys will just have to wait your turn.”

Kazuki shows off his Burning Lance.

Why is this shot taken through Bravo’s legs?



“All right, Bravo, time to give you a taste of this.”

“I’m ready and waiting.”

Kazuki has his way with Bravo.

“That was good HARD GAY.”

“I have to admit it- your HARD GAY is better than mine now.”

“Right about now, you may be wondering why my backside isn’t on fire. Tune in next time to find out.”

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3 Responses to Busou Renkin 20: Dragonball Z edition

  1. Wrath88 says:

    DBZ edition indeed. This parody rocks!!

    The screencaps with Kazuki saying ‘penetrate’ needs no captions, lol.

  2. Somebody says:

    So if those guys went all HARD GAY… Hiwatari is FLAMING HOMOSEXUAL?

  3. roy says:

    Bravo rulz

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