Saiunkoku Monogatari 33

The wheels of the plot are turning, causing everyone to experiment with new and unusual partnerships in search of the perfect experience. But just what is the best route to choose- HARD YURI, HARD GAY, BI, or even STRAIGHT? And what will be the cost of selecting the wrong one?

Shourin realises that Shuurei is very familiar with the habits of her male friends when she asks about their HARD GAY.

“Anyway, have you been having good HARD GAY?”

Shuurei has to admit that she had temporarily forgotten all about HARD GAY after learning the ways of BI.

Shourin explains that he already has a partner for the evening and thus won’t be able to learn about BI just yet.

Sakujun admits that Shuurei is the only BI partner he needs.

“Who am I, Eruruu?”

“I was just thinking about what life would be like if I was a woman.”

“I’m afraid I don’t know much about women, so I’ll leave that in your hands whilst Eigetsu and I have some HARD GAY in the back of this carriage.”

“Okay then, let’s get this over with.”

“Wait, my ‘sword’ is tingling! It knows I’m about to betray HARD GAY in order to be with a woman!”

Back at the palace, Ryuuki has a pleasurable session with his ‘sword’.

He recalls how Seiran first introduced him to the ways of Sword.

“You must never break up with me.”

“You’ll be the woman, and I’ll be the man.”

“It won’t be easy, but the earlier you start, the better.”

“Ah, Brother, those were good times- two men, two swords, what more did we need?”

Seiran prepares to give Shunki a taste of his ‘sword’.

“I’m sorry, but I’d rather do it my way.”

“Magical Plot Powers: On!”

In the wake of his session with Shunki, Seiran faces one of the harsh realities of life.

Eiki realises that Shunki is lost to the side of HARD YURI.

A squad of generics fails to realise the folly of challenging the main character.

They are easily dispatched by Shunki’s Level Ten Command Spell.

“I may not be the main character, but I can have any partner I want.”

Chuushou gets up from his chair for the first time in years.

“Must…find…bathroom…can’t hold it…anymore…”

Sai Shou finally arrives to give the HARD GAY that was arranged long ago.

“Don’t you know I’m STRAIGHT now?”

“I’m sorry, but you ordered HARD GAY and that’s what you’re going to get.”

“Excuse me while I laugh evilly for no reason.”

“Anyway, HARD GAY is no better than CORPSE!”

“Now, excuse me whilst I go and look for a toilet.”

“We’ll sleep with anyone- and I mean anyone.”

“Damn, I’ll just have to use this tree instead.”

“Enjun worked at HARD GAY, unlike you, who gave it up as soon as the first problems arose.”

“Enjun was a man who would have HARD GAY no matter how adverse the circumstances were.”

“No matter how painful it was, he would aim to please his partner.”

“You foolishly thought STRAIGHT was the answer.”

“Now reflect on all the HARD GAY you missed out on.”

The events of the evening prove to be too much for a man whose muscles have atrophied thanks to years of sitting in the same chair.

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  1. KaMen says:

    “Must…find…bathroom…can’t hold it…anymore…”, LOL

  2. ItariShun says:

    The “Chuushou and the Chair” gag just never gets old

  3. Byakko says:

    The fact that Seiran gave Ryuuki the girl sword just makes me laugh so hard XD

    Oh maybe it’s the fact that the swords have ‘genders’, but I get the Yin Yang thing, it’s just so…lol!

    Oh great, now I’m having dirty thoughts of Shuurei handling Seiran’s sword X3

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