Busou Renkin 21: Man vs. Submarine

As the series draws closer to its conclusion, our heroes and their opponents decide to try strange new combinations of partners in the bedroom. Whilst Kazuki and Bravo both decide to sample Hiwatari’s unique form of RAGING HARD-ON, Victor realises that mere humans cannot satisfy him anymore, and decides to become the first man to try SUBMARINE. What will be the outcome of this strange encounter?

It’s always bad news to hear you’ve been firing blanks.

“Let’s have a Flashback Mode to celebrate that fact.”

Back then, their very first group BI session had proven to be disastrous.

Chitose blamed herself for adding feminine elements to what would have otherwise been pure HARD GAY.

“Don’t grab my Zhuge Liang without permission!”

“I’m sorry, but I have to have HARD GAY with you right now.”

“Fine, let’s do it.”

Hiwatari gets his oversized weapon out.

It’s important to keep things as realistic as possible.

Gouta is too unimportant to even mention.

After Bravo has finished, Kazuki decides to get his lance out and experience Hiwatari’s raging HARD GAY.

“Your Zhuge Liang isn’t nearly as big as you think it is!”

RAGING HARD-ON is taken to a whole new level.

The ‘climax’ is swiftly reached.

Shousei reveals that he took Bravo off for some follow-up HARD GAY.

“Such intense HARD GAY has permanently damaged his Zhuge Liang.”

“He should have known better than to go all out with me and then jump into bed with Shousei.”

“Save our special nicknames for the bedroom, Sexy- I mean Hiwatari.”

“Anyway, Hiwatari, I didn’t realise Kazuki’s Zhuge Liang was too large for you to handle.”

In response to Shousei’s criticism, Hiwatari suggests he become an English tea drinking villain.

“Why are those two suddenly have HARD GAY off screen? More importantly, why aren’t we joining in?”

The submarine crew is impressed by Victor’s burnished muscles.

“…it turned out his Liang was too Zhuge for me to resist.”

“There aren’t enough episodes left for anything other than a final boss battle.”

Kazuki and Hiwatari briefly attempt to complete their HARD GAY, but they just can’t get into the mood.

Gouta and Tokiko are officially appointed as cheerleaders.

Having been unable to complete his encounter with Hiwatari, Kazuki opts for a quick threesome with Gouta and Tokiko.

“Are you sure you can do it in this position? Seems a bit awkward to me.”

You don’t say.

“I know HARD GAY is wrong, but I’m too used to it to give up now.”

“I’m glad you think that way.”

“I operate an equal opportunities HARD GAY policy for all my underlings.”

Meanwhile, Victor activates his Pleasure.

In defiance of all the usual propriety and indeed the very laws of physics, Victor prepares to have SUBMARINE.

“That Liang is pretty Zhuge, we’ll need all our hands for this job.”

The nameless captain begins his quest to become an important character.

A submarine with a Kakugane just makes everything that has come before look sensible.


At first, it seems to be going well.

Unfortunately, Victor just doesn’t seem to be experiencing any Pleasure from it.

“It’s even more Zhuge than we thought!”

“I’ll show you how to Pleasure someone!”

The penis airship from Meine Liebe makes a brief cameo.

Victor’s dialogue is as varied as ever.

“So, you think we can’t Pleasure you with SUBMARINE? Think again!”

What HARD GAY man could resist this?

It should be obvious what is going on here.

“That SUBMARINE actually wasn’t too bad.”

Victor, ever the deep philosopher.

At the end of the day, even SUBMARINE wasn’t enough to elevate him beyond the role of one-shot generic.

Back at the base, Hiwatari arranges his next HARD GAY partner.

Busujima is only too happy to oblige.

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