Chevalier Alternative 23 part I

Whilst Louis’ desperation for partners leads him to scrape the bottom of the barrel, Robin also finds himself inadvertently sleeping with the less than impressive Broglie. Desperate to erase what he has done, Robin decides to accept an offer from the one man who can wash away all his earlier disappointments- Maximilien Robespierre…

Last time on Chevalier, Anna saw Louis get Marie to drink poisoned wine…

“Oh my god, he’s coming to kill me!”

“He’s slowly walking towards me with a sword in his hand!”

“I really think he’s going to kill me!”

“Oh, maybe I should start running away.”

“Bend over and take my sword, woman.”

“There, feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Oh dear, it’s been a while since I’ve had STRAIGHT- I think I may have stuck my sword in a bit too far.”

“Sir, perhaps some HARD GAY with me will help take your mind off that awful STRAIGHT session.”

(“Broglie is awful in bed, but do I have any other choice?”)

Louis gets his bloodstained ‘sword’ out.

“Okay, Broglie, let’s get it over with.”

“Here I go, sir.”

“Ooh, this isn’t bad.”

Robin interrupts the session.

“Ewww, HARD GAY with Broglie- I can’t bear to look!”

“Why not have Pistol with me instead, Louis?”

In the excitement of the moment, Broglie decides he wants some Pistol.

Despite this undesirable change of partners, Robin is unable to prevent himself from discharging his Pistol.

“Oh my god, I just had Pistol with Broglie!”

“Ah, I had forgotten how tiring HARD GAY with young people can be.”

“I feel like I just lost something important.”

d’Eon is still upset over his rejected manuscript.

He sees a flashback of Robespierre and Lia’s STRAIGHT days.

“Oh god, why do I keep dreaming about STRAIGHT?”

Later on, Robin tries to take his mind off his encounter with Broglie with some quick Hyper Self Pleasure.

“My Pistol- it feels so dirty.”

“What was it that Teillagory did when he got annoyed? Oh yeah, he’d try to crush a cross.”

“Damn things are more resilient than they look.”

“Robin, I am here to help you get over your HARD GAY with Broglie.”

“So, you want Pistol, do you? Now that I’m no longer a useless sidekick, I can give it whenever I want!”

“Robin, I understand that you’re frustrated and angry right now, but I can show you how to master the more advanced HARD GAY techniques.”

“Can…can you really do it? Only d’Eon said the same thing, and then he dumped me!”

“Just have faith in me, Robin- I will show you the future of HARD GAY.”

In his next flashback, d’Eon sees how Robespierre began to tire of both Lia and women in general.

“If you want to see men, there’s always BI, Max.”

“Don’t try to dictate my preferences to me, woman!”

“I apologise- it’s just that I’d rather try pure HARD GAY before moving onto BI.”

Lia prays that Robespierre will see the error of his ways and go straight for BI.

“Look, Lia- I got this book of HARD GAY to get me started!”

“So that’s it- you’re really giving up women?”

“For a while, yes.”

“It says on the back cover that there’s an illustrated guide to positions and techniques!”

“I never knew you could do so much with another man!”

“Sorry, Lia, but I have to go and find a man right away!”

“I guess it couldn’t hurt to just have a look inside- maybe they have tips for women too!”

“Oh my god, he’s already written down all the lovers he wants to have!”

“Maximilien, why did it have to end this way?”

“My trust in men has been shattered now!”

“No, I mustn’t give up just yet- instead I shall turn to HARD YURI!”

“First, though, I’ll just play a little trick on Max.”

“I’ll erase his list of prospective lovers- that’ll teach him to break up with me!”

“They do say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Having freed himself of his inhibitions, Robespierre also decides to try some CORPSE.

“Ah, here are the instructions for having CORPSE.”

“First, choose a partner.”

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  1. Sonicbug says:

    Wow, everyone is dropping like flies. Poor Anna, but the girl didn’t have a chance. After all, the historical D’eon never did get married.

  2. youdig says:

    “Oh, maybe I should start running away.”

    ^^ This is exactly what I’ve thought. I wonder if he somehow paralysed her by some occult trick for It happened quite the same thing when he killed Lia…

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